Jul 9, 2010


It was like one of those camera tricks. Where the object of concern is in high definition and the rest is blurred artfully. But the eye is just a sophisticated biological camera, he mused. Or perhaps the other way round? He wondered how he could process so many thoughts at a time such as this. But his brain seemed to have compartmentalized itself (rather sub-compartmentalized). While a large part of it concentrated on the task at hand, another small part swatted at errant thoughts in a methodical fashion. 
Quite suddenly a branch loomed up, he ducked, swerved, faltered a bit, but did not lose any speed. He raced through the wild, that beast wouldn't get away this time, he swore. He had disposed of the atlatl a long time ago, it only hindered his progress. He would conquer that life with his spear alone. He could sense the exhaustion of the beast rather than see it. The thought sent a rush of exhilaration through his body; the savage delight of out-running such a powerful beast gave him a familiar pleasure. He could never get used to this feeling, it had the ability to take him by surprise every single time. 
The beast had cut himself, he could smell the blood; he sniffed greedily, his nostrils slightly flared. For a moment he was irritated by the injury. Claiming a flawed animal wouldn't be as sacred as claiming a whole animal. He wanted the first and last injury to be his, the single shaft in the gleaming body made by his spear. But he swatted the thought aside. 
He was getting closer, the beast was slowing down. The air in front of him seemed to get clearer every second. He launched the spear and the beast stopped entirely. It was another of those camera tricks. A frozen frame, and then slow motion. He stood beside the animal, his chest heaving as he watched a life being siphoned away drop by drop. His hands were steady, but he couldn't stop his head from buzzing. Is this what God feels like, he wondered again. 
The animal stopped twitching and lay still. The man finally dropped to his knees and pulled the spear out. Then he lifted his head to the heavens, let out a howl and started crying. 


Tyrant said...

Awesomely written!!!Though I'm not sure what to interpret of it all..Kudos!!

Such! said...

@Tyrant: Its just a stand=alone thing written in a semi feverish state.

William Deng-Deng K. said...