Aug 22, 2008


A feverish weekend comes to an end.
Two assignments back-to-back. Back breaking really.
And stuff like "Partition Chromatography" and "Developmental Abnormalities due to Defective Signaling Pathways" do not make me go wow anymore. Not that they ever did, im not Shwetu :, but still..
Plus, there's this new ban imposed on students wherein you cant use wikipedia. I mean, how the else are assignments supposed to submitted on time then? In an organised manner?
Some scrounging and sulking and finally they are done and over with.
That too what with the leaking faucet god decided to give me in the form of a nose. Im sick to death of it.
If they ask for fresh viva's and all my bolts, chains & screw drivers of the yore are ready to torture.
Now i dont really wanna do anything else, except for sleep properly and convince my mom about the OOTY trip planned in college. YAY!!!

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