Jun 1, 2009

"My skin is brown and no amount of soap seems to make it white" - Kannan Dorai in the House of Blue mangoes by David Davidar

Guess what?
I don't want white skin. Have the whites ever considered this possibility? That we might not want to be them? That we are proud to be what we are? That we are not just a bunch of niggers? Has it ever crossed their narrow, cramped minds?

Shaken out of my exam fever, i had to blog. Because things have come to a head.
Australia was never a fair country in my mind. Any cricket fan probably knows that already and they might as well admit it.
But i thought 'Oh, it's just the post-colonial effects. It's stretching a bit too far, but still'. But by Gandhi, this is not done.

Bashing up students? What is that, i ask you? I'm not hear on a patriotic rant. I know, not all Aussies are like that. (Although the 'good bloke' thing facade seems to be wearing off now). It is just that the impotency of the Australian government bewilders here.
Why is Mr. Rudd not man enough to admit it as a racist attack? How can the State police drag and kick protesters? How?! And their reactions to the condemnation is that the protesters had warning enough. I ask them, would the Govt's indifference be similar if the protesters had been Australian aboriginals?
That's what hurts.

60 years after the Raj and it seems little has changed.
We don't want the White Man's approval, thank you. We are fine just the way we are. And damn right proud of it too. We have higher IQ's and superior aspects I don't care to harp about. But enough is enough. If you can't give us the respect we deserve, keep your hands off and leave us the hell alone.

(Must get back to Bioinformatics now. Phew.)


Just a girl said...

You know, if they had been Aboriginal students, there would have been more outrage but I'm not sure if the results wouldn't have been the same. In fairness, the protestors got a bit nasty and out of hand, and things didn't get violent until protestors started throwing things and causing damage. It doesn't matter so much that Rudd admits they're race motivated, because everyone knows that they are, but that they do something about it, and they are trying to introduce hate crimes legislation in Vic, which would be a great step forward. Rudd has also issued an apology personally and directly to the Indian PM.

It's been the talk of the college the past few days. We do care. And I hate that not only are these not the first race-inspired acts of hate or bashing (see Cronulla riots 05) but that Australians in general receive a bad name because of it. I like to think that we're somewhat more open minded and multicultural now that Howard and his White Australia policies are but memory, though we still have ways to go, and it's so very sad that some Australians are still close minded and xenophobic.


Blue~Flame said...

@JAG: You know, that's what I said, I know not all Aussies are like that, but you know what the State has to say goes a long way esp. when you are talking about international ties. Action is what most Indians want to see, not apologies.

When the external minister says something like this is very sad, because the Indian entourage are responsible for generation of $2 billion, it is but obvious what the wounded Indian might make of that.

It just hurts to see all this even after so much time. And really, we all know that everybody knows it's race motivated, but most feel it is not being given the importance it deserves just because the part concerned is India.

All said and done, it's been happening for long but there's a tipping point for everything and there's just too much turmoil in the world for more shit to happen right now.
It's just tiring.

Nikhil Balachander said...

Amazing post !! Was thinking abt writin on the same issue , i mean enough is enough . As you said the Aussie Cric Team has always been a perfect example of rowdyism(Max) . Rem. the attention the Symmonds-Bhajji issue got ?? And these incidents are not a recent phenomenon at all ....i recount having read abt stray incidents such as these 6-7 yrs ago . My say on this is : Urge all Indian students to boycott Oz & push off elsewer ..I kno it sounds kinda quixotic but we guys r gud enuf to be anywer in the wrld but AUSTRALIA at this point of time!!

Nikhil Balachander said...

And then lets see what their economy or government can do without the skill of the Indian students there !!

Blue~Flame said...

@Balu: Hey! You know that can be said for a lot of places :D Considering the Indian exodus, here there and everywhere :)
But yep, share your outrage. I know for a fact not all are such Xenobes, but still, it's but obvious that it should hurt us..

William Deng-Deng K. said...

i have no words. not because ur post was good, which it sure was. but because i'm tired of all this now. been hearing incidents of violence originating from discrimination, whatever the type maybe, almost everyday over these years. why is there no peace in the world? i'm just too tired to react. i'm angry alright. my brothers are getting beaten to death. yes. but havent we all seen such incidents on a local level too? everyday i hear of violence going out of control in some part of the country or the other. every fucking day. the aussies. someone needs to shove bamboos up their arses and someone will do it i'm sure. they'll learn a lesson. but isnt it high time the people of our country learnt one too? let these happenings be an eye-opener.

Blue~Flame said...

@deng: Hindu vs Muslim, Hindu vs Christian, Dalits, Casteism, Inter Sikh battles..
We should really stop now. It's HIGH TIME.

sucks. SUCKS.