Oct 2, 2009


I think I believe.

Edit at 9:40 pm:(Coz people dont seem to be getting it :( )
I think I believe.



B.Nickel said...

By any chance , does this post reflect thy self in GRE mode ?? Bcos I think and believe you will rock it bigtime :) .

Cheers !

Sharanya said...


Blue~Flame said...

@balu and sharan: What?! You didnt get it? I 'think' I 'believe'.
It was the first thing that came to my mind when i woke up 2 days back..promptly msged it to mag coz it was so profound. She labeled it vintage muchi-ism so i posted.

agnes said...

they dint get it??
erm. its right there!
Maybe Muchi-isms are beyond these Earthlings, ZK-07.
anyway. red pic :D
over and out,

Blue~Flame said...

Undiluted happiness!!
Ah, the rush of memories...
and about that, I knw!!

Shweta said...

Ohhh, now i get why its r"21" and zk"07".

Blue~Flame said...

@Shwetu: What! You just ignored my profundity! And u had even heard of this before? I dont rmbr being particularly,umm,forthright abt it.

Shweta said...

well, i got it about half an hour after i read it first.

and i had to declare *my* brilliance considered you just proclaimed yours.

ah yes, your profundity. nothing i wouldn't expect from a suchi-ism no. so why bother comment?

Shweta said...

got the 21-7 reference i mean

Blue~Flame said...

@Shwetu: *indecent word*

Shweta said...

what? what;s i do?

Aggie M said...

shwetu. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
you just _kill_ me

Blue~Flame said...

*indecent wordsss*

Sharanya said...

I'm feeling REALLLLLY stupid. About the R-whatever references.

And the think-believe thing. Uh. You THINK you believe in chance, for instance. It means you're not sure if you believe or not. Belief isn't always absolute, is it?

Or maybee 3 hours of writing Aristotle/Plato is finally, finally getting to me?

Blue~Flame said...

@sharan: maybe.