Oct 16, 2009

From the other side...

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Do not leave any questions. You know that rule. Heck, even I knew that rule. Heat of the moment and 4 Reading Comprehensions (!!#%$#@%^%$!$~!!!) later I panicked and forgot. Clicked my ways through the debris of Verbal (which I got before Quant btw, to add insult to injury) I couldn't attempt the last one. Which costs me anywhere between 50-80 marks.
Shite? Double shite!!

Oh, my score is 1400 btw. 760 quant + 640 verbal

I guess me and GRE both kicked each others pretty asses. If I had got in one last punch, I probably would be grinning now.

But what the heck, I'll live. Atleast it's over.

Check-in procedure was hell-ish. Jangling bunch of frigid nerves I was by the time I got to the computer.
By the time verbal fiasco was over and quant started I was crying tears of blood. Floundered my way through it somehow. Research section arrived: I calmly skipped it altogether.
Reported my Score: 1400. Face fell. Bit my lips. Held back the tears (coz i'm not the crying types).

Came out. Called the necessary people, told them my score. Stood on the road and moped for 5 mins. Then I promptly forgot about it. Sad time over. life's too short to waste time over unimportant things. I just hope 1400 is enough.
Then again, I'm constitutionally unable to stay sad for more than 5 mins. If they concern matters of life and death then 10 mins.

Life's pretty much the same. Nothing earth shatteringly different. Then again, I wonder how Mag and Shwetu felt. More powerful? Mere aage sab pani kum chai types?
Hmm. I'm rambling again.


Sharanya said...


Funny, how little things can, you know, make your day :D

You're DONE! YAY! *brings out funny purple coloured blowing out thing, you know, the kind that rolls out when you blow and makes trumpet like noises?*

Am SUPER jealous that you get to meet Ag. Have extra fun with her for me (coz I can't go and I'm SO going to regret not being able to meet her :'(). LIFE = HAPPINESS.

Blue~Flame said...

Yay here, yay there yay everyWHERE!!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

GRE's out of ur life Suchi! Like, OUT! Isn't that awesome? There's so much of subzeroness in that piece of news and u're talking about "awesomeness in the world." No. Wait. That was Aggie. U were like "life's too short" and all. Indeed. Why wurrrrreeee! :)

Ok, now, write fifty blogs everyday and give us something interesting to read.

Tyrant said...

Congo!It's finally laid to rest!!And I back Deng there.We,lesser mortals want more blogs,more of those unearthly ideas.Maybe a blog relating your GRE chapter to a famine in Somalia!!:D


FAITH said...

What I really don't understand is why you are making your 1400 score out to be something bad. Moping after getting 1400? I think you could get into the record books :/

Any score above 1300 is a superb score. I was wondering since yesterday when I read the message you sent Indrajit, what the hell is wrong with you? And you are not even planning for a technical course, you want to get into advertising. Just because one of your friends scored 1560 doesn't make your 1400 pathetic. With this score you could easily get into the top 20 universities in America. But I think it is useless to say all this to you. You want to act like this was some disaster then be my guest. Oh, and the penalty for not answering one question is 100 points. Though you have said here that you couldn't answer one question, you had told Indrajit that you couldn't answer two of them. If that be the case then you would never have scored 640. Oh, and I have 1430, gave the test along with Indrajit. Please don't crib like this, I beg you :|

Count Grishnackh said...

Finally done with it , eh ?? And 1400 is awesome man !! And I c that the comment before me has already explained as to why shud'nt be moping after :) . Cheers , U r done with the first step in the apping process :) .

Blue~Flame said...

@deng: you are obsessed with the word subzero! get over it! and yes, gre is finito.

@tyrant:I will do that. Check.

@FAITH: (politely)Who are you? You arent anchal right? I'm sad I missed the last q, which could have (as you now point out) raised my score by 100 points. That is, you must admit, something to be sad about. I wasnt sure abt the questions i missed, I clicked on the 2nd last one and some processing crap came before i could confirm. But I'm over it and well, cool. Congo abt 1430(whoever you are)

@Balu:Yes! Please be my guardian angel.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Of course I am! Its such a subzero word. Oh! I did it again! But it is, isn't it? :D

And its Diwali! Happy Diwali! Its kaboom-kaboom everywhere! :)

Blue~Flame said...

@Deng: And choke choke too. TOEFL over matey! I cant even bare to tell you how sad it was. 4 ****** hours!

FAITH said...

I am Mukil, a friend of Indrajit, who was shocked at the way you sent a ":(" smiley after your score of 1400 in an SMS to Indrajit. We were both so shocked that I decided to post my views here (Indrajit was lazy and couldn't bother less :P )

Congratulations on your score.

Blue~Flame said...

Oh, hi Mukil. Feel better knowing I'm talking to a extant entity.
And I explained what I was sad about. Valid no?

Continuum said...

Hey! 1400 is great! I get the part about you being upset. I would've been too. But like you said, just for five minutes!
Keep me updated. All the very best.
and This is Aanchal!