Feb 21, 2010

Back In The Jammies

Had a relatively active weekend.
Went out to meet my sisters(cousins, closer to me than my own brother) on a sunny Saturday afternoon and came back on a smoky Sunday evening.
Throughly drained.
We tend to do that, my sisters and me. We store things up for an awfully long time and then just burst out like some mis-constructed dam. We are so used to be clued in to each others stories and secrets it feels extremely weird when we suddenly realize how the quantity of time spent with each other has dwindled.
But then, the quality more than makes up for it. It feels nice, just like old times when our biggest worry was just finishing homework quickly so we could watch the telly together in our jammies till late at night.
The other priority was of course the sleeping arrangement; the most juiciest gossip was always saved till the dead of night. It was imperative to be away from the ruinous adult company.

Apart from all the mushy catching up we also consumed gross amounts of trashy,calorific and utterly delicious food. In a span of 24 hours we managed to gobble some five kinds of smoothies, a truckload of french fries, a variety of burgers, three different kinds of pizza, pasta, four varieties of chicken rolls, kheer, chocolates and Coke. It's a wonder I'm still moving.

I also got this utterly adorable kurta and kitschy bangles.

And I was away from computer/laptop/internet for over 24 hours. And I didn't even miss it!

Update: You must check this enormously funny video. It puts an entirely new spin on blog promotion. And South Indian rappers.


godrick said...

and what else???

Christopher said...

i'm hungry now

Blue~Flame said...

@Godrick: Some things are better left unsaid :D

@Chris: Haha. It's actually indecent, what I did.