Mar 14, 2010

Drowning Depression in Aqua :)

Edit: In retrospect, this post title might give you the wrong idea. I mean, if you came here expecting pictures of me sloshed with a blue cocktail in my hand/om my being, I'm sorry  :)

Edit: Also, this awesome aqua nail-paint is thanks to G~Angel. Otherwise I might have bought the yellow one which she hates and I like. :|

Yes, I'm back. You are probably thinking, that was a break?! Well, now I can confidently say, depression isn't my strong suit. I'm constitutionally unable to hold any kind of non-happy thoughts for long. Seriously, I mean sad shit occurred, but the next thing you know I'm tweeting and screaming about IPL.
I'm healthy (reasonably) and alive. What's there to be suicidal about?! Right? 

Plus, I'm wearing this awesome nail paint. It's aqua blue and therapeutic. 
I look at it and I go :D. 
How adorable is that color? Very! It is! Its positively radiant.
It's like some kind of tonic.

Also, after a long time I dabbled in something that generally gives me a lot of contentment. I created something. I sat down, scrunched my hair out of my face, picked up a paint brush and made this ---->

This thing was a lump of brown cardboard in the beginning. Loads of red, orange and yellow acrylics, and golden rub me ons went into making this what it is now. I loved every minute of it. I'm not a very good artist and I can't draw to save my life, but random splashing about with colors and different knick-knacks is like an exhilarating ride for me. It makes you feel at once happily spent and rejuvenated. Hobby Ideas is the best thing that has happened to Inorbit Mall, Vashi. It's like a magic-land.  :)

Also, I bought an Amy Tan - The Kitchen God's Wife. I love reading her books. No doubt, she's talented and writes novels that are multi-national best sellers but I am the only person I've met who reads her. 
So inevitably I follow this up with a conversation with myself ---->

Me: Dude, this Tan chick rocks! Did you read the latest book?!
Alter-Me: Exactly! It was so beautiful! I love her!
Me: By the way, have you met anybody else who reads her?
Alter-Me: Uh, noooo. Not really... Do you think we should talk to other people about it?
Me: No man, they'll never get it. 
Alter-Me: Wow! You just totally got into my head!
Me: I know!
Alter-Me: I know!
Me: I know!
Alter-Me: I know!

I was also about to do a 'my feelings' line-graph but I also have a project protocol to submit tomorrow, and failure to do so might very well result in me flunking my last semester in college. That, I can't afford. Not after sticking it out for so long. 


Anasthaesium said...

Amy tan?? she any good??what does she write about??

sb0502 said...

I love this colour.. and I so agree.. nailpaint can be therapeutic.

alchemy16 said...

I am wearing a BRIGHT gorgeous blue nailpaint RIGHT NOW!!

Blue~Flame said...

Anasthaesium: Amy Tan is a second generation chinese american who writes about a similar topic about people who've travlled to US from China but cant leave the life behind. It's mystic, full of culture etc. But the backdrop also explores the various complexities of mother-daughter relationships. It's mostly female-centric. I like it.

sb0502: What's your name Expat?? :) Isnt it?! Cheery accessories and stuff make my day. :)

Alchemy: I need pics!!!

Another David said...

Welcome back, glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Americanising Desi said...

i love your nail paint and i love the royal blue also ... something about the blue that drives away the blues :D

Blue~Flame said...

David: :) Thank you!

AD: Oh exactly :)

Why? Why will everybody talk about my nails but nobody will talk about my piece of (he)art?

godrick said...

So what you want to be talked about your (HE)Art.

The Analyst said...

self conversations huh, all the very best for your project...

Lisa said...

haha I'm always talking to myself. In fact, I just was a second go.

Ah, Amy Tan, always meant to read her, especially as a first-gen Asian American. I should get on that. She's that good eh?

Blue~Flame said...

Godrick: :( What?!!

Analyst: Thanks man. Yes, I talk to myself. Quite often, and firmly..

Lisa: Hey! Welcome... You should, wher are you from originally? And about the talking bit, its fin! Nobody gets you like 'you' do!

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with your header. I'm so going to follow you just for the header right now. Content later. HEADER! *hugs splat*

godrick said...

@Ana : you are in love with her header..
I am in love with the creator ;)

Blue~Flame said...

Ana: Aww. Thank You. But umm, do read the content ya? And I hopped on to your blog. It's awesome too!

Godrick: :|

Johana Hill said...

That color is so peaceful. I love it. I've never experimented with nail polish. Ever. I stick to pink and gold. I think it's time for me to start buying bold colors like yours. Mmmm...

Never heard of that author. I have to Google her...;p

Blue~Flame said...

JO: Do, you'll like her. And buy some screaming color and post!!