Mar 28, 2010

The Seagull Who Didn't Like Fish

In those dark, treacherous rocks,
Over the blue sea Cornish,
lived a baby seagull,
who wasn't fond of fish.

Oh! the painful laments,
the bitter she endured,
many, many fishes fished,
alas! she wasn't cured.

"What is the matter, feather ball?"
Mama seagull wept,
"Is it something I did?",
not a wink she slept.

"You're just an useless pretty bird",
Papa seagull cried,
"No respect, no tradition, no talent!",
family shame he descried.

Oh what a terrible misfit!
how the others scoffed,
invited her to fishy fiestas,
mere baby horribly scarred.

How could she say and explain,
she was just a tiny seagull,
it wasn't her fault, if instead of
tuna she preferred basil.

Tortured and heckled, the baby seagull
couldn't fight her destiny,
crashed herself into those rocks,
and was born again as me.


Shakir said...


alchemy16 said...

Wow, you just do something different every week. I like this, a lot.

Blue~Flame said...

@Shakir: Thank you so much. You have been very kind on twitter too with the RT's etc. :)

@Urvashi: See, the whole Jack of all trades coming true? See? You stick to what you do, girl, will do you a world of good.

Johana Hill said...

*stands up and claps*

That was amazing. I didn't know you write poems. It's brilliant. And you are super talented. Keep it coming! ;p

godrick said...

You know I love your writing...
but it is just that.. it is bit difficult for me to understand :|

Blue~Flame said...

@Jo: Thank you Jo, you can sit down now. :) I'll try my best.

@Godrick: Yes You Can, :|

Count Grishnackh said...

Poetry is something I have always failed at-composing I mean. I am too boring and unimaginative a person to indulge in verse. Only prose for me, I guess :|. Amazing poem, this one btw and I bet you wrote it in no time :).

Blue~Flame said...

@Count: oh, you know me so well. :D
Im very flash in the pan...

Kanwalful said...

This is beautiful.

On a lighter note, the sound of baby sea gull is cute.