Apr 9, 2010

The Game Isn't Over, Ma.

Anybody who knows me personally also knows the kind of equation me and my mother share. Its based on a pulsing and vibrant mesh of loathing that has somehow trapped our love into this tiny little bubble that only presents itself during near death situations.

This is a brief (almost) conversation we had yesterday:

Me: Ma?
Mom: Hmm?
Me: I want a nose piercing.
Mom: Hmm.
Me: What?
Mom: What?
Me: Is that an yes or a no?
Mom: That's a no.
Me: Since when is hmm a no?
Mom: Since yesterday.
Me: Ma pleaseeeeee.
Mom: I said NO.
Me: Of course, you said no. What else do you say, you...
Mom: Don't talk to me like that.
Me: Ok, sorry.
Me: Maa?
Mom: What now?!
Me: Pleeaassee. I'll do anything, anything you want.
Mom: Ok. How about you top this semester?
Me: Anything apart from that.
Mom: Of course not. I stated my terms.
Me: But that's not fair! You know that's not gonna happen!
Mom: And why is that?
Me: I don't want to! I mean, I can't! Oh, pleaasseee Ma!
Mom: Don't waste your time.
Me: But you have one! Grandma has one! Every frickin female in this family has one!
Mom: Oh, I didn't ask my mother. I just went out with a friend, got it done and came home.
Me: Then?
Mom: She scolded me.
Me: Umm, is that supposed to give me ideas?
Mom: Yes. I'm not as nice as my mother. I'll kick you out.
Me: Please, I'll wear the tiniest diamond in the world. Or silver. Or anything.
Mom: I have to go out.


ME: 0
MOM: 23857740


Fine! One day, when you'll see me as a crack-addict with multiple piercings in unmentionable anatomical areas and living in sin with four men and a woman you'll realize your mistake.
But by then it'll be too late.



alchemy16 said...

I asked my mom the same question, she said whatever, your body, do what you want.

OH, and THEN, spent the next entire week telling me it was shameful that I wanted one, it was a symbol of woman oppression and lord alone knows what not, and it was like wearing sindur(no offense if anyone you know does that).



Such! said...


Yeah, my mom does that. Sindur, I mean. :) None take though.
I don't care about what she's doing!

i WANT my bloody piercing, and I'll be damned if I dont.

godrick said...

ghar ghar ki kahani.. :P

Another David said...

1) Your grandma has her nose pierced? Coolest grandma ever.

2) My cousin got her tongue pierced when she was 16, but she had braces at the time and her mom is blind as a bat so she just saw some shiny thing and assumed it belonged there. When she got the braces off two years later and the shiny thing was still there, THEN she got mad! hahaha

Johana Hill said...

Your mum is trying to tell you to go out with your friends, have your nose pierced and come back home. She will not kick you out! I'm positive. ;p

Such! said...

@Godrick: I know!

@David: In India, its traditional to get piercings. Infact, the older you are chances are you'll have more piercings and tattoos. Yes my both my grandmothers have tattoos! :D
And about ur cousin: that was a smart move!

@Jo: Yes, Im banking on that. Let's see how that turns out.

S said...

GO SUCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such! said...

You vouch for this, right?!
Sparkling nose and all!

Wonder what Shwetu thinks about this. O mentor, I must talk to thee.

Kanwalful said...

Hahaha. This is absolutely hilarious. Sounds a lot like me and my mom. I got my cartilage pierced without asking her. :P

My dad was furious. But he got over it. I'm sure your mom will too.

Shweta said...

Gooo for it, Such!

Such! said...

@Kanwal: Wow, looks like I have to go for it now! With all this support and all :D

@Shwetu: Mentor! Thou hast spoken! Now one must go for it!

Americanising Desi said...

come on dearest - dont be like that :)
there will come a right time!


SUNNY said...

so much fuss for a nose piercing? mums will think that the grl is finally following some indian traditions by getting a nose pierced..

Just a girl said...

:( epic sadface. I can definitely understand parental angst - I have huge fights with my parents being able to go out, to travel, to visit my friends, etc etc (they weren't happy about me shaving my head, but surprisingly didn't forbid it...although proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms how ugly they think it is.)

Although - and I say this no offense to your mum - I think it's a little hypocritical of your mum to say no when she has one!!! Also, I think nose rings are cute. They weird me out, but they can look REALLY cool. Not sure if I could pull it off, but maybe I should try to add to my hardcore, shaved head image?? ha ha, I'd do it just to freak my parents out. I'd get a tattoo for the same reason, but much too permanent...so is your mum super strict then? my parents are :(

Anyway, I just popped over to say hiiii and it's been wayyyy too long since I've been around!! LOVE the new header (probably not all that new...but it is for me!!)

*hugs!* soon you'll be old enough to move out and their consent won't matter any more. I can't WAIT until that day comes for me!!!! (next year will hopefully be one of utter FREEEEEDOM, baby!!)

much love,

Just a girl said...

PS: you should totally do it anyway. part of the reason I shaved was because my parents told me how ugly it would look, and I was like "fuck you, I'm going to do it anyway. I don't care what you think." Though of course I didn't say this ;)


Such! said...

@AD: Yeah, yeah, hoping for that. God I never knew a lil post abt my piercing angst could generate so much support :D

@Sunny: I know! Exactly what I thought! Traditional and all right?!

@JAG: YOU ARE BACK!! You have been in the other world, have you? Is it better than this?!
And a little hypocritical? little?!! See, earlier these things were traditional, now apparently they are rebellious. I mean, WTF. Yeah, soon it won't matter! :)
And, you shaved your head Wow! I ish, i had your guts!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah this is soo funny!

Such! said...

@missjuicy: very interesting name :) And thanks. :)

Mars said...

Your mom is so funny!!!

and yeah, moms usually get the final say. when it comes to piercing and tattoos, do it her style: go out with a friend, get it done, come home and face the music for a while. But now that you've asked permission, it'll be a double offense if you do it :(