May 25, 2010

Of Uncensored Rapping and Assholiness.

Im back from Orissa. And two weddings. I dont feel like talking about it right now.
I'll say one thing though: nobody cares how the wedding is and who the bride/groom is as long as the food's good. Not even close family. Including me.
I'll post more about this trip later. Or I won't, Shut up.


Owing to lack of any working skills or qualifications, I've decided to take the advice of Anasthaesium and become an Uncensored Chick Rapper. Yeah, inspired by Natalie's Rap (which is mind-blowing incidentally).
Oh I realized that a certain Prashlash had suggested this career option to me first but Anasthaesium (surprisingly sober) really talked me into it over a very illuminating Twitter conversation. Fanks guys! :) Maybe I won't die unsung yet.
I'll start posting my work as soon as I figure out a way to avoid the spamming.


A very inspiring thought that sprung to my sleep deprived mind yesterday:
" Everybody is an asshole at heart. Its how you behave on the outside that matters"
Palm Off,


Anasthaesium said...

Honoured! :D

btw, "twit-fuckin'-ter"?? you might actually be better than Natalie, you know ;)

Kanwalful said...

Loving the quote. You've been gone quite a while missy. Get back into some blogging action or you'll get it from me.


Such! said...

@Anasthaesium: You have given me purpose in life, o worthy man.
And oh, u read that? Inspired, isnt it?! ;)

@Kanwal: Hey!! Yeah, Im sorry, I will. And Kanwal, you're sooo pretty! What the hell were you talking about?! (Oh, wait, this is you rt?! :P )

Vimal said...

keep 'em doggies rollin, rawwwwhide!!!!

Such! said...

@V: What is it with you and that rollin thing?!

agnes said...

Your Royal Assholiness!
Welcome back
Civilization ahoy!

Such! said...

You save that cake for me or you be getting it tmrw!

Mars said...

love the inspiring thought at the end. totally true.

TheBigShowAtUD said...

good food and a good DJ, AT LEAST.

for those of us not marrying, the wedding ceremony is just pregame for the reception.

Such! said...

@Mars: Thanks!

@TBS: Exactly. Really, how do we even care?!