Jun 20, 2010


A rainy day conversation between Oneself, Himan and Maggie.
Continuous brainfreeze in a minor rainstorm and alternate espresso shots can lead to such outpourings of buckled emotion.

Himan: Ok, so I get the thing where a guy depends on his girl to let all his emotions out, somebody who would actually give a shit and listen to all his crap. But its ok man. I can store all the crap.

Mag: Yeah right. Wait till you get one.

Himan: Uh, what?

Me: She means, wait till you get into one relationship. You say this now, but once you get into this pattern where you become used to somebody taking all your shit, you'll never get over it. You will need to vent out all the time. You will need a girl, you won't be able to survive without one.

Mag: Its like this verbal diarrhea.

Me: Exactly.

Himan: So basically, what you're saying is, relationships are like drugs?! (A stellar example of abbreviated GIP or Ganja Induced Philosophies that Himan is famous for)

Me & Mag: YES!!


My quote for today:

'I'm so cheap, I'm priceless.'
- Me


Prerna Siddharth said...

hah! Nice...specially "verbal diarrhea"

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Relationships ARE NOT like drugs. :|

Drugs are way way way better. :)

And yeah, being single = \m/

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Sharanya : U can read my blog now. :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Himanshu : Dude. U DO NOT want to get into a relationship. I guess u do weed? Good. Stick to that. Relationships are for those who don't. \m/

alchemy16 said...


I spend half my time "philosophizing" with my friends.

I have a lot of contradictory, unscientific theories, and I believe in them all.


Such! said...

@Prerna: :) Verbal Diarrhea, thats one of her favorites. :)

@Deng: Uh, thanks for all the comments Dengie. And no relationships huh? So the episodes with the junior were what? A side effect? :P

@Urvashi: Faith. We need to have that. Even in Scientology. Faith.

Aggie M said...

Geez, this one :)
Is this what we sound like?
Its one of He-man's best GIP's though :)

S said...

I think you also get addicted to _not_ having a relationship. then you just get jealous of all your personal space when someone tries to get close. I've never done drugs, but I suppose you can't um, compare? Heck, what would I know, I'm a happysingleperson :D

@ Deng:


Such! said...

@Mag: Yeah mon, this is what we sound like. Its still printable bcz Himans in the mix. What 'we' sound like is another matter altogether. Not up for public viewing.

@Sharan: Maybe you and Deng could like, swap ids? :P
Also the addiction is mostly for guys.
hey! currently the trio is 'happysingleperson trio'!!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Suchi : Nah. Whatever that was, the single Deng's back. And he's loving it. :) And I *was* addicted. But then, that happened. Then it ended. And now I'm gonna get addicted all over again. :D \m/

@ Sharan : Swap ids, she says. :D \m/

Amused Alien said...

Relationships are overrated. but so's life.

Herbs forever~

Such! said...

Amused Alien, wow!
Nice name, apt comment.
And cool blog. Intense.

Himanshu said...

omg.. more than a year's gone by and i gotta say
Relationships > Drugs BY FAR..