Jun 8, 2010

Realizations and Observations

Realizations and Observations have been made. In Capitals, yes. I'll Proceed to List some of them.

1. I'm almost 22. My brother is almost 16. No, thats not a Realization! Although it might drunkenly totter in the category of Observation. About 6 years back, I was almost 16 and my brother was almost 10. (That is just simple Calculation, don't coitus around with me.) Realization: 6 years back talking and kidding around with my brothers' friends was normal. It was how you behaved with the little boys when they came over for lemonade after an exhilarating day of soccer. Kidding around with them was nothing out of the ordinary.
But NOW, 6 years hence, it apparently isn't as innocent anymore. It is vaguely cougar-in-making. While I might still see them as my little-brother's-little-buddies, they aren't that little anymore. They have grown up and so has certain hormonal levels. And the fact that I'm their buddy's elder sister is more interesting than appalling. It makes itself very evident in the way my brother tries to ward me off every time I'm around. I am nauseated, really. This is one Sick Realization.

2. Observation: Mothers are evil. Grandmothers are angels. These traits skip one generation. So I am an angel. And my child will be evil. Realization: Do not procreate. (And no, I won't see this from my mother's perspective. Coitus off)

3. Observation: Every time you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. you secretly wonder if there is a Ross/Rachel for you out there. Realization: You probably are Janice.

4. Observation: Life will coitus you when you are the least horny of all. Realization: You forgot to use protection.

5. Observation: The only thing permanent in life is change. Realization: Yes, that's all that will remain in your pocket if you don't get a life/degree/job soon.

6. Observation: You actually read this through, did you? Realization: Wow, you really are jobless!


Aggie M said...

ME first!!
i agree emphatically with all of this.
But Coitus off? Really? Who exactly are we kidding?

godrick said...

heheheheh... its a confession...


I rememeber when I was in 4th and 5th or till 8th.. me and my friend went to his home.. and his elder sister "DIDI" was so sweet, when she use to play with me & some time kisses me..
In 10th.. her sister.. "HOT" and I Hope "OK now she will kiss me" but I got nothing.. THIS SUCKS..


For a Long time Rachel and Ross both weren't expecting each other together... but finally they did.. so it takes time to understand "who is doing things and what for YOU"..


Roll down the rubber man..


Change itself is not permanent.. so how it could be for you???


We read it.. and many of us have lot many things to do... JOB...


S said...

*shrieks with laughter at the Janice bit!*

Anasthaesium said...

holy shit...Is that why my elder sisters friends used to be all " Hiiiiiii Anasthaesium" and " Byeeee anasthaesium" in a cooing group voice evrytime I hi-ed or bye-ed my sis. damn you all women!!..you treat men like coital objects!!

Such! said...

@Mag: I'm TRYING!!

@Godrick: Wow. you just decimated me, didnt you? HAPPY NOW?!

@S: We HAVE to meet this time. This isnt happening!!

@A: Trust you to turn this on me! I shoulda known it. I was talking about the other way round!
Oh, btw, how was Amsterdam?

Continuum said...

Crap. My mother's an angel.
Realization: I AM THE DEVIL!

Great post! Please write more often.

Anasthaesium said...

the question is how IS amsterdam ..cos I am here and gonna be for some time now, i guess... hey! but that doesnt stop me from catching up :)..remember the grandma blogpost i told you i would write..well its up :D

Himanshu said...

Aweome post. You've got style.
Though, i have to say that I can never relate to the brother sister concept. Its just so abstract to me.. Its sad that my family is full of (C)harmless dudes like me.. :(
Janice thing is so funny!!!
About, change. I used to think that it is the only constant, with the way ppl keep changing and all. But, trust me, last few weeks have made me realize that i was wrong. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
All is violent, All is bright..
All is silent, All is Black and white..

Such! said...

@Aanchi: Yes ma'am.

@A: Oh, right, it as a looong trip. I hope you are keeping yourself amused. Don't disappoint me man, Come back with colorful tales. And I'll check the post asap.

@Himan: No more of your ganja-induced philosophies. Have been hammered with it continuously. MISS YOU!

radhika92 said...

i actually Lol-ed at the Janice bit :p

Such! said...

@Radhika: I had no idea Janice was gaining so much popularity here! :)

alchemy16 said...

Its good to have you back. :P

Such! said...

@Urvashi: I think you missed mee the most. Thats really nice. :) Brownies for you! And thanks!