Jul 2, 2010

Who Told You, You're Allowed To Rain On My Parade?

This is one of those songs that'll stay with you forever.
This ode is pretty late, but I realized I miss Glee with a surprising ferocity. 
And as irritating as Rachel Berry is, you have to hand it to her; man oh man, she can sing!

This is quite possibly my favorite Glee performance (along with the Halo mashup and Don't Stop Believing).
There are two chief reasons for this:

  1. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)
  2. The lyrics
This song has become something of an anthem for me right now. I must listen to it every morning at least once. The lyrics make so much sense to me right now, that it comes quite close to perfect. I feel like sitting certain people down and breaking into this number in front of them and rip them to pieces. 

Also, you cannot help but marvel at the range this woman has. By the time she calls Mr Arnstein, you are grinning like a dazed moron and by the time she marches her band out, you have these goosebumps, it's inevitable! Every single time. And when she is finishing the song with the crescendo of 'dont rain on my parade' you are left wondering if her lungs are bigger than the Holy Kingdom of Jerusalem. I mean, such power!

Don't Rain On My Parade also happens to be one of those songs that you inadvertently imagine yourself singing. It's embarrassing, but admit it, it's true. You are out there, performing with her and suddenly there is no Rachel Berry, there is just you. You are giving this rousing performance and the audience is giving you a standing ovation, cheering and stamping but you don't hear it. You finally open your eyes after you finish the song, and realize that it isn't you. But it's okay. You still feel satisfied, a feeling of exultation, a sense of completion and the remnants of a contented smile. In your own world, you did it.

After all, who the hell are you to rain on my parade??


Such! said...

Ok, this is one of those emotional outburst posts and has no syntactic consistency or grammatical purity at all.
I'm not that imbecile-ish all the time though.

Kanwalful said...

I love your comment, you imbecile. =P

S said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT. I SING IT EVERY FUCKING TIME I'M ALONE. Even though i don't know the words, I can scrunch up my face and tell an invisible someone not to "sit and put-tah" or whatever.


sanely insane said...

First time to your blog...loved the cat...wat an imagery...

haven't seen glee...but liked the way u describe the song :)

Such! said...

@Kanwal: You love me, period. Whats their to talk about? :)

@S: life's candy and the sun's a ball of buttah, dont bring around a cloud to RAIN ON MY PARADE!!

@SI: Yes, thats my doppelganger. Im quite scared of it. She is just wary of me. Oh, its an awesome song, you must check it out. Barbara Streisand original. Glee rocks too :)

freckleonthenose said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're right - it was fate. My blog name my have been inspired by the song originally sung by Barbra Streisand, but it was Rachel Berry who made it cool again.

Annabelle said...

I really wanted to watch that show.... I guess I'll have to wait for the DVDs. :(

Such! said...

@freckleonthenose: She certainly did. CANNOT get over it. :)

@Annabelle: But you must catch it under any circumstances. Any.

alchemy16 said...

this is where i come to cheer myself up.