Aug 10, 2010

I'm A Picture, Twuckers!

A picture speaks a thousand words.
So do I.
You make the connection.


Although, I'm working on that.

Nowadays, I stop speaking after 140 characters. I have to, otherwise my tongue starts sticking to the roof of my mouth automatically.

Also, I can't seem to process too many thoughts at the same time. I used to be quite capable of doing that, but now, every time that happens, a bunch of birds drop a fat whale on me. Bloody twuckers.

There is no point talking to my family anyway. I mean, I asked my brother whats trending and he gave me this weird look and got back to his homework. It's inexplicable I know, but if I'm feeling out of sorts with the current news situation my immediately look to my right as if there'll be a floating list that will help me out.

And don't even give me any witty jokes or comeback, I might just RT them with a smiley.

Life, overall, has become a playing field of hashtags. #GetWhatIMean?

Note: If you're not familiar with twitter this might seem like gobledegook to you. In that case, that is entirely your problem. Nobody is forcing you to read anyway. Get out of here.


godrick said...

well... it is so true...
I am not big blogger or I am not even counted as a blogger, but still my letter limits too is 140 chars... and its good... or bad :-/
actually inventive....
or a cheater???
or someone with very tiny vocab..
well whatever...
we start loving that limits... :)

S said...

At least you're writing again.