Feb 13, 2011

A Red Pulse

DISCLAIMER: Personal opinion. Take it or leave it.

There is a certain power in being alone. A calm that enables you in handling situations that will perhaps never come if you are dependent on somebody. A quiet development of inner strength that will slowly decay the moment you surrender to the giddy delight of enjoying somebody else's company a bit too much. If you are alone, you can deflect pain to the maximum extent possible because only those who are close enough hold the power to hurt you. Don't let anybody step inside that inner sanctum from where pain is the only thing that is pulsating. 

No, this isn't a bitter rant, rather something that I believe in and the only philosophy that I can place my trust in. I don't see any sense in letting yourself willingly falling prey to that demon that is best kept at bay. I'm not saying love doesn't exist. It does. Not for everyone though. And that is the truth. Don't fool yourselves otherwise. 

PS: I'm sorry for being so harsh. 

PPS: Happy Valentines Day!


B.Nickel said...

Nicely written. Dunno how much I agree with you on this though :|.

Anasthaesium said...

True love. A fairly mysterious concept elevated to mythical status thanks to Mills & Boon and chick flicks.

Rather than believing in the existence of "the one", I would go with the belief that some people are just lucky enough to come by a compatible person, whom they very often deem as "true love"!

Oh BTW, happy valentine's!

Dharini said...

Totally agree! :)

Christopher said...

So you won't be my valentine then? Awww shucks.

Such! said...

@Balu: Okay :/

@A:Wish you the same! And you're spot on.
Couldn't have put it better.

@Dee: Hell Yea!

@Chris: With you, I will! :)

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