Jul 9, 2008

For the Greater Good...

STATUTORY WARNING: Should be kept out of reach of nefarious adults who have no better job than to criticize me. (have re-discovered the word nefarious today, have fallen in love with it, and will use it as much as possible)

This gubraithian fire will burn forever, for the greater good, and strive to deliver the most organised random brew of crapola in all of hogsmeade and beyond..

This random brews' ingredients will consist of:
  • All things Harry Potter(whom i reveree)
  • Edward Cullen (shwetu, you will please not snigger)
  • Tea(i'm nefariously obsessed with tea, sickly sweet hindustani gilas bharke chai)
  • Whine(we can really start referring to Whine in first person and all that cuz she, dear friends is my constant companion)
  • Maggie, Sharan, Shwetu coz we are the Trio(oh dont go all mathematics on me)
  • various different love and hate clubs :

This blog is dedicated to:

Maggie Mendosa for being my sole-mate. my mother is astonished of her loving me no-matter-what. She very loyally does not get exasperated when i go "do u think i look fat?" for the 479th time, she does not get mortified when i call her by mistake and say stuff like "Oh! did i call you again?!". For that dear mag, i bequeath to you all my earthly inheritances. No, that does is not an open invitation for your nefarious intentions.

Shwetu Potter (yeah yeah..) for being so evil and accident prone. YOU make ME look good.

Sharan-ya (she hates the ya). this branch has been lit only because of her nefariously constant pressure and thus, she is to blame if anybody here is bored to morbidity.

Sharan also very loyally told me that i could even write about the weather and make it sound amazing. Today's Weather at 9pm: Dark

nefarious (adj) : extremely wicked


Aggie M said...

Its frickin awesome!!!!!!
and yeah we are sole mates.
Same shoe sizes, same brain sizes and exactly identical auras mebbe.
Post MORE !!!

Aggie M said...

god I'm so thrilled. I think i just peed on myself :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Such.
Post MORE!!!

it really was amazing you know!

Shweta said...

wait, i loved the post so much i didn't realise you were mean to me.

:| you're mean.

Sharanya said...

I think I have no reason to call you nefarious..coz you're SO nice to me *blows Edward-Cullen style kiss* (No Shwetu, not you)

Oh, and for the benefit of the others in the "trio", here is an exchange that porbably explains the impossibility of ANYONE getting bored here:

Me~ Did you finish the books?
Such~ Yeah, about 10 days back.
Me~ Verdict?
Such~ Edward Cullen
is the verdict.

Blue~Flame said...

many thanks to my faithful trio!