Aug 3, 2008

Bare Denim.

There is nothing, i repeat nothing more degrading than searching for a pair of jeans, esp. if you belong to the female fraternity.

It can totally sap your confidence, make you feel like 1/millionth (worm) and give you really bad impulses about commititng suicides. Where is that 'sisterhood of the travelling pants' pants now? where? Do they exist? Answer me GOD!

First of all,I am positive that all these big shot companies are playing these massive jokes on you, and the trial room is most probably a one-way mirror where they look at you and giggle their sorry assess off out of pure malice. No, I mean it. I mean how come if you are size 'x', they have the exact jeans you want in sizes 'x-1' and 'x+1'. How come?

And whatever you want has 'just gone out of stock madam' and 'you could try this madam' and 'i think this looks better madam'. I mean, SERIOUSLY?

I think i'll join my dad, and get cotton from Allen Solly and stich myself some pants. Or maybe go for like, plaid. Fine, my friend-group will be much smaller, but then that just means not having to worry about gazzilion birthdays. Totally makes your life easier.


Shweta said...

totally agree, suchi. and what's with the 'one proportion fits all' thing the manufacturers have, anyway ?:|

PS: remove word verification, na

Just a girl said...

I hear you! I was recently on the very painful quest of buying/trying to find new jeans, as sadly, my favourite pairs are fading and wearing in all the wrong places :( It was rather depressing (after discovering I've got up a size - and a half, depending on which scale you go by, which can be very confusing!) as for a while, I didn't find much (although I did get a nice pair for $60 marked down from $130 during the winter sales!) Then, it seems, over the holidays I rather struck gold! My friend gave me a pair of new jeans that didn't fit her, my mum found two pairs in a Red Cross shop that were $5 each (and fit like a dream) and the other factor - expense - was solved by my cousin, who gave me a gift voucher to Just Jeans. =)

Sadly, though, most of my jeans seem to be too long for me, and I have to roll them up. I'm not even short by most people's standards!

Great post ;-) and thanks for your comments!


Blue~Flame said...

@ shwetu,
i did nt knw i have word verification on. hm, will look into that asap. 'one proportion for all'...dont even get me started onto that. nopes. no. i'll sign off on that note.
ps: why do they have word verifiction anyways?

welcome to the world of constant whine. sadly i will never have your luck, that's the long and short of it. my friends are nice, but not that nice it seems.
and about the post, right back at you ;0)