Aug 2, 2008

Science Humor

I am not a woman of Science. I am also not a woman of Humour. (I belong to the laughed-at rather than the laughed-with category). So scientifically; if A=B, B=C then; I am not your ideal candidate to deal with Science & Humour.

But still i decide to extend my count my blessings spree and go on to count my scientific wondrers everyday:

Alarm clock – It marks my entry into the world every single morning/afternoon. It leads a cursed life and suffers choice abuses from me on a daily basis, but fulfils its duty anyway with unwavering dedication. Applause please.

Pipes – It remains for me the most enigmatic and revered scientific object till date. Enigmatic because I have never hit upon how exactly it works. And revered because it gives us water! However dirty and polluted, but still critical enough to humanize ourselves.

Microwave/Stove – How otherwise are you alive to read this?

Local trains – Enough Said.

Printing press – Has to be the most useful invention after the wheel.

Elevators/Escalators – True, their role in elevating/escalating weight issues is prominent, but then conditions to comfort do apply.

Computers – Makes me feel humanoid. Liberates me, sets me free. Sub wonder: Internet – Sometimes I’m confused about whether there is Internet in this world or the world in the Internet.

Mobile phones – Though it has reduced my landline connection to a whining grandparent figure, mobile phones are now like public urinals when you badly want to pee. A Relief. And also a delight. But not using the public toilets example. Hail.

Tissue paper – The single most effective device to eliminate incriminating evidence.

Me – Yes, that’s right. Not pointing fingers at my parents or anything, but I know enough biology to conclude, that I indeed am a miracle. A scientific miracle.

Things I noticed while writing this article:
I do not understand the term Science Humour. I have never related science to humour, apart from sado-sarcstic humour.
Due to lack of understanding I have decided to title the article as Science & Humour Oxford Dictionary defines science as organized knowledge, esp. when obtained by observation and testing facts, about the physical world, natural laws and society. Huh? I go back to: I am not a woman of Science.

I rest my case.


Sharanya said...

*delighted* I love being in a different time zome 30 minutes away :D :D S-u-c-h-i-s-m-i-t-a, you rock my world.

AND THE POSTER! At the risk of sounding completely off, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's frickin' brilliant! No WONDER you're employed!

Yes I shall take that thing off, soon. Everyone elese-again-not your business :P

Blue~Flame said...

that poster has nothing to do with my employment, me's thinking. if it does it shouldn't bcz im still destitute, maybe i'll become the Government's love child or something.

and u better take it girl, coz if i come to know, im in a state of perpetual poverty because u r nt sending tht thing, then i swear i'll kill u.