Aug 7, 2008

A new evil awakens..

That sounds all impressive and everything, but that is just trying to imply that i watched Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon emperor. Had gone to watch Dark Knight, which i still havent seen btw, but the show was at 8:15 pm, so saw this instead.

Its pretty nice when you've settled your backside comfortably in those cushy things which are highly priced. Guess what? Totally worth it.

Went to cinemax, bought tickets worth 100 bucks, but calmly made ourselves cosy in those reclining-red-dream-come-true sofa-chairs, which ahem..are worth 150 bucks.

Hm, so, ya, the movie.


Cast: Jet Li was nice, Brendan Fraser his usual adorably brilliant self, his newly grown son: Luke can just eat him, you know what i mean? Ofcourse Evelyn is not Rachel this time, but some feamle called Maria Bello who just doesn't seem right. Michelle Yeoh and her extremely cute movie daughter Isabella Leong star in the movie too...umm that's about all of them..oh ya the brother Jonathan, on whom a yak pukes btw...

Plot: The action shifts to Asia this time, China actually. Its not what you call out of the world but its alright, better than Mummy 2 atleast. Emperor Han (Jet Li), a god-awful tyrant wants to become immortal like Voldy-Poo for which he obviously requires the elixir of life from Shangri La(!), for which he obviously requires a beautiful Michelle Yeoh, for whom he obviously develops the hots for, and for whom Michelle Yeoh obviously doesnt. Now, how can the mighty emperor have his Latest-to-be concubine and his General cavorting inside secret archives? No way siree. Which is why he has both of them killed. But then these movies always have their menfolk as blundering-bufoons and women as some sort of wonder-women are diva-intelligent-kungfu masters all rolled in one. So is she and she curses Han before he could wreak havoc, and as soon as he tries to kill them the curse comes alive. And you have a static and extremely dead king and army, who are not that dead actually and will come to power anyday. And then the ususal Mummy action.

Awesome special effects. Yetis are there in the movie! Quite cute they are. And Shangri La actually looks like how you would probably want it to be (unless you are not the single-minded type of person). and definitely a place where you could live and where Jonathan wants to build a casino.

Not Dark Knight, but worth a watch. When you have those recliners atleast, oh they are the new love of my life!

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