Oct 8, 2008

Are we done yet?

Finally exams are over.
Irregular sleep, food, nightmares, notes, all over....for the next 1 month anyhow...
But what happened regularly, without fail, after every exam is the follow-up of how-was-the-paper by my family, in the identical manner every single time...
[My Family: Me, Mom, Dad, Bro]

Just returned after the exam
Me(weary): Hi
Mom: How was the exam?
Me(wearier): Fine
Mom: Fine? why fine? why not good?
Me: Yaaaa...Good.
Mom: But why not very good?
Me: Arrey yaar, Mom it was excellent.
Mom: why are you so irritated? the paper wasn't nice na? Obviously. You start studying 2 hrs before the exam, this is what will happen. I told you so. I say every time..................................................
- After 2 hrs -
I finally burst into tears and flee the battlegorund screaming, even though my paper was perfectly fine.

Late evening when my Dad returns from office
Dad: So how did you fare in your exam? (this is the same question he's asked for the past 18 years of my life)
Me: It was nice.
Dad: Good Good. Studied for the next paper?
Me: Ya almost. Just few touches. (white lie, i presume)
Dad: Keep it up. Study well. Make me proud.
He manages to make me feel guilty every single time even though my paper was perfectly fine.

Late at night when im furiously cramming for the next paper.
Bro: Exam today?
Me: Uh huh.
Bro: (indistinct noise)


Sharanya said...

*giggles!* That is SO true!!!

Exams BEGAN today, here..


Blue~Flame said...
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Blue~Flame said...

@sharan: aww thts tough
i knw wht it feels like...or raher all of us know!

Shweta said...

we shall survive

Blue~Flame said...

@shwetu: Yes we Shall.
Of course.
I mean we will obiously..
Wont we?
We wil rt?
We will.

Just a girl said...

Ha. Story of my life, except with the roles reversed (your mum is my dad, and vice versa.)

I'm glad they're over! Mine are about to start in a few weeks. So not prepared. At least I only have 2.