Oct 13, 2008

Me n Mag

Mag's back from Goa. To Nagpur. I know it must be a downer, but smile gorilla the world's not ending yet.

This post is about me and Maggie and our eternal solemateship. Yeah, it probably doesn't concern anybody else, but what the heck - my blog, my wish.

We probably are the most unlikely and the cutest pair if i may say so myself.
Me - the eternal badchild, teacher terror and all that jazz.
Mag- model student, head girl and honey dripping..
The teachers thought i had bewitched her into my trap and in a particular teacher's exact words "Child, you not need be with her just to be cool or anything, You are fine just the way you are."
She had cried that day and I did not even say a word to console her.I couldn't and she knows it. But that bitch, I promise to you Mag is gonna rot in hell. She probably doesn't even know of a scale that can measure your cool qoutient.

We have known each other since the past 10 years or so. Since 5th grade. But we became Muchi-Maggie only after 11th grade. Only 4 years+. sometimes we are shocked by how much time we wasted. But probably it's good that it turned out that way. We appreciate this thing that much more, no? In 11th too we sat with each other only because al the others left school for Junior College. I cannot thank them enough.

There was never a day that we did not speak for atleast 2 hrs on phone after 7 hours of school. And if we happened to be sitting 1 bench apart by some random chance, highly verbose letter writings would follow. We still have all those chits. I will keep them with me till the day I die.
And when during Hols we used to go to different Classes, we actually used to communicate via 10 page letters(with stickers, games, middle age envelopes and stuff) via her sister who was in my Classes. She was thoroughly sick of us.

When she got admission in VNIT Nagpur, I was quite broken. Happy for her but broken. In such a situation i did what i do- I retreated. She called me every half hour till she reached college and after that. But i wailed that it would never be the same again.
( you know how you look at all those cheesy 'friendship' proverbs and cackle, sometimes they do strike a chord somewhere and make me go hunting my Mag-Letter-Box. It's not always cheesy, you just gotta identify with it. And i'm glad i do)

There are probably many things that exemplifies our solemateship:
- inventing a thousand nicknames
-buying stuff like earrings, books and crap
-writing comic books on the other (Super Suchi!!)
-inventing words like "your assholiness" and "your bitchiness" and.."dicklits" (I think all those confidence and career self-help books are dicklits)
-raving about my hair/her butt
-constant reassurances"NO YOU ARE NOT FAT"
etc etc...
But the only thing that sums it up is that almost 2.5 years have passed since Mag's gone to Nagpur and we still manage to speak everyday about everything...


Sharanya said...

Seriously Suchismita, one more para and I would've burst into tears. You mustn't write these posts; they make people's day but they also make them all warm and gushy and er, teary.

Geez, I love you both. Hail Maggie-Muchi!

Blue~Flame said...

@sharan: :)

agnes said...

i love you man.
that post would have me bawling if I was the crying type.
as things stand, i was grinning dazedly and ignoring this horrid pricking in my eyes.

me really wants you now.
I'm back to college. very High. hic :)

Blue~Flame said...

@mag: hic right back at ya :)

Just a girl said...

Aw. That sounds like you guys are great friends, and I'm glad you're able to keep in touch. I've had quite a few good friends move away over the years - interstate and overseas, for various reasons, which has been hard, but we've been able to make it work, more or less.


Blue~Flame said...

im officialy shy of awwws now.

Shweta said...

wait wait wait, i'm not done yet!


Blue~Flame said...

@shwetu: hey, on a totally different note do you use annual or disposable contacts?
and thats it with the awwws, k?