Nov 23, 2008

Fools Gold

Been a long time and all..My exams from 25. No seriously 25. I'm not at all psyched out, im just fine..

And what's with this new Obama fever?! I mean I'm elated that he is the new US prez and all who seems to have his head screwed where it should be and not rewired someplace else, but still it's getting out of hand.
"Obama's might choose Hilary", "Obama's uses Blackberry", "Obama inactivated cell phone contents leaked", "Obama's kid gets lost in the White house"...
Soon it'll be like. "Obama's wife doesn't floss before sleeping", "Obama wears striped knickers", "Obama's daughter has cavities", "Obama's wife has balls","Obama has syphilis""Obama is actually a girl", waaaa............
I mean im more concerned for him, Coz all this unwarranted adulation means only one thing. One mistake and he will be ruthlessly smacked on his face.
It's not always that sweet.

Anyway heard the new Obama-Black Eyed Peas song? "Yes we Can". Kinda funky.
I also have taken a liking to the song "Desi Girl" from Dostana. Not for it's musical genius obviously but more the fact, that I so agree with it! Ain't nobody like a Desi Girl!

I have serious "obliterate dementia" issues. It's a disorder unique to myself. where i obliterate everything that i should be concerned with from my mind along with all logic and reasoning on the way. This leads to acute demented behavior. But who can blame me? My mom keeps hiding pointed stuff from me!! I mean what on earth is her problem?

I've realized that its only my Mother who is keeping this blog alive. I mean my "views" on her make up at total of 96.37 % of this blog. But who can blame me again? I mean there was this guy who died because he choked on a pastry(I ask you!) and i philosophically remarked about life and fate when my mother chooses that moment to tell me that this reminds her of the Final Destination series. She doesn't think gore or violence or anything. Not R-rated movie which you should not mention in front of your sensitive child. No. No, she thinks about guy choking on pastry. (God bless his soul tho)

And I am Obliterate Demented!!!

PS: did i use a lot of " " ?


Sharanya said...

Fools Gold!!!! Its one of my favourite songs!! By the way, whats hiym? A new series on TV? That I dont know about? I????

Blue~Flame said...

Umm, you dont ow about How I Met your Mother. You deserve to be burnt alive!!! I'm quite serious abot HIMYM. Its legendary!!

Vivek said...

Just curious...which season of HIMYM is up on tv nowadays?!!
Im too hooked up to our lan to even watch tv! But we've got the fourth season up on our lan :)

Blue~Flame said...

vaats?! nice to finally see you here. I hink 2 season. but i amc urrently watching the 4th season too. The tv is too late..