Dec 29, 2008

Drops of Jupiter

Often wondered what symbolic really means.

Today it meant listening to Drops of Jupiter by Train while sailing over the Arabian Sea in the CST-Belapur local.

Three days of petty and resolute veil of Mag's absence finally lifted a tad when crossing the Vashi bridge.

PG Wodehouse, wind in my hair, orange lights dancing in the water, throat still tingling with Kappi Nirvana and hot cookies and blessed music in my ears. Life is not that bad I realize.
As I gazed dreamily at the water currents and Palm Beach Road's fairy lights twinkled happily at me I gave myself over to the feeling that stole over, an emotion that we stupefyingly try to resist with all our might. To be contented with my lot. To live in the moment. To smile over the sadness.

The things that make you happy in this world, are more often than not unexpected and overlooked. I looked and therefore found it. I hope not to lose it.

PS: After a spell-check this post sounds alarmingly like Sharan's. I assure you it is an original and there is no plagiarism involved whatsoever.
Although the above statement mystifies me. Why should it be Sharan's. Can't my life be magical once in a while. How is her's always so lyrically idyllic?


Ravi Popat said...

add music and coffee to anything and u get a killer combo.. living the moment. blessed music in ur ears, wind in ur hair and kappi nirvana still in u. life's awesome!

Blue~Flame said...

@ RP: Deng Deng! Welgum Welgum.
Life is indeed awezome. Surreptiously checking my blog out during work. Gives me a high!

Sharanya said...

Haha, Suchi, I'm honoured! No matter what I do, I can never write the way you, Aggie or Shwetu do. Mentors, remember? :)

But I think I know what you mean..the feeling is the same. I mean, when you pass over the bridge, its crazily intense, the feeling you get, ESPECIALLY if you're listening to awesomeness like Drops of Jupiter. It's one of my bridge songs, btw :)

Blue~Flame said...

@ Sharan: Morelike mentors in Diapers. And i speak for all three here. High Five!
And The Bridge. There is definitely some magic there.

Aggie M said...

That song.
Where are the pics, much-o?
I like the bridge at night with all those glittery golden lights thrown in.
Its like your own personal Giant Gold Bathtub.
I miss vada-pav at work. Tonio, tea guy and Smarmy too :(
Hey there Delilah in the morning. And those stupid frames.

Blue~Flame said...

@Mag: Guess what me misses it too.
One is abstaining from vada pav,delilah and all things good now. AND GUESS WHAT. URG HAS BIN MISSING SINCE THE PAST 2 DAYS :D