Dec 17, 2008

The world needs dumb people.....and Shwetu

Author's note: This post will contain an extremely myriad out pour of feelings with no connection or restraint whatsoever.

I dedicate this blog to:
- My Cousin bro and Cosuin sis
- Shwetu
- Dearly departed 5th semester
- Dumb people

My brother left for US of A on 13th Dec. We fought constantly, i openly declared that i would one day murder him in his bed. I think we only spoke to each other nicely on a hot summer evening in year 2006 when i gave him a glass of water in the delirium of heat waves. I did not cry when he go. But after a hour i hear his favourite song, and i cannot stop myself. Turns out of 7 years of living together can do that to you. Even me! Just imagine.
Next morning my cousin sis who was parked in my room for the past 2 months also left suddenly for her home, even before i woke up in the morning. She is like this chirpy little bird, who can irritate you and make you happy.
And now suddenly there is this void.

I also write this post as an ode to Shwetu (on behalf of Mag too) whom i suddenly miss a lot. And i worry about her innocuously prolonged absence from earth. Shwetu, is like the most unbelievable human being. It's like God couldn't be everywhere so he sent Shwetu. She's that nice. I mean sure Me and Mag are like ok people to be with. But we can be bitchy if we don't get our way and regarding certain females (heehehehehe), but Shwetu ludicrously thinks everybody is amazing. No i mean it. She likes everybody! And genuine too! What more can i say?

And then of course my exams and 5th semester got over today. after 4 gruelling hours of practicals i have been finally unleashed. To do what don't ask.

I also realised, along the short course of my life; how important duffity-dumbity(copyright-MuchiMaggie) is. If there weren't any dumb peeps in the world, there would be no laughter. No snide jokes. A huge proportion of websites would not exist and the individuals related to it would be on the roads jobless. Serious news channels would shut down. Film industries would face some hardcore shortage. Some countries might not even have any presidential candidates! Just imagine.


Sharanya said...

Shwetu rocks. There are just some commandments that are absolute. This is one of them.

Aggie M said...

yeah. where is shwetu???

Shweta said...

Suchi, thank you :). I don't know what else to say, so I'll move on.

"Some countries might not even have presidential candidates"


Blue~Flame said...

@ shwetu: Me loveth thee. Say you love me more than anybody else. On world wide web. Say it!

@ Mag: What are you complaining about? You already met her!

@ Sharan: you bet!