Feb 18, 2009

Hello All,

Feels good to be back after so many days.
Forced absence from Internet due to Homely Renovations. What this event has managed to achieve? It has made me understand how important Internet is in my life. How can anybody survive without it? OK this might sound a little conceited to people from Kashmir and Palestine, but no offense. This is just a personal opinion. Internet should replace nitrogen in the atmosphere. I was never much convinced about it's use anyways.

I have joined Scribd! It's amazing in it's own right. You should too. If you want to post original documents on e-space.

Have been fed an ungodly amount of assignments by my college professors. To be fair everybody else in college are stewing in them too. But forget it, why should i be fair? When has god ever been fair to me?

Maggie is coming back on 21. Yay!

V-Day was a homely affair. But I managed to put a smile on Bunny's face with a bunch of roses. Thanks Jen; for being my pal in that one. And i got these snazzy earrings from Jazz! Really cool.

I feel quite jobless. Axiom's Science Section is in the finalization stages. Will have to wait for 2nd phase to kick in. Although they do pile something on me, when i start relaxing. And for that I'm grateful. Joblessness does not suit me.
I must mention my month long stint at Axiom here. It was a blast. I have worked with Vitasta before. She is a little intimidating of course, but her efficiency and originality never fails to impress. And she gave me a killer of a certificate. :) Also, working with Josie, Lisa and Alvina was very memorable. Refreshing they are, to say the least. And the products I helped develop look so amazing , I cannot even begin to describe them. The comics are the cutest. You can check it out on Iken.

Also, the DY Fest was awesome. An all-DY collaboration. Nishu is working for a company called Xion Medialabs. He is literally in-charge of the product Xion.fm (I have a link to the site on the right side of the blog) I mention it here because they sponsored a nite in the fest and it totally rocked. Anybody who has anything to do with original music should check this one out.

I have rambled long enough.


Sharanya said...

Ack! I have to go collect my pay check from them!

Ravi Popat said...

1. internet *should* replace N. O, actually. cant imagine a life without the net.
2. joblessness is bliss.

Blue~Flame said...

@sharan: you might. actually you mostly haven't got them coz you never collected your consent forms :|
and most of the scripts have been overhauled by now you knw...

@deng: exactly my feelings! and you are in a band i suppose. you should check Xion out. anyways, Xion is coming to purple haze so you can check it out then...

Just a girl said...

Hey girl, thanks for the comments, it's been too long, and I've missed you too!

Believe me, when you live where I do/with my parents, internet-deprived takes on a new (and uncomfortable) meaning.

Hope you're well!


Blue~Flame said...

@JAG: Heyy!! you're back! And i COMPLETELY understand what you mean, i live with my folks too.
And it's not just that is it? Our dependency has increased so much it's slightly unbelievable.

Ravi Popat said...

sure thing. thankoo.

Josie said...

Hey, joblessness is bliss, but better off is disguised unemployement while holding a job. :-)))

Blue~Flame said...

@josie: hi!! welgum! and oh the guilt trip. always the guilt trip.
one day i hope to have your song on my playlist ;)