Mar 4, 2009

Morbidity Today

I have figured out, that anniversaries, festivals, and all celebrations and festivities in general are not as innocently happy as they are portrayed to be. They are just a carefully concealed method of ripping off naive customers. It's the government-in-collaboration's best kept secret.

The heat is getting unbearably oppressive. I don't think it has anything to do with nature. Any day now we might all perish under a solar/cosmic alien attack. The end is near my friends. Fear not the exams. Tell your mother how much you love her no matter how much you bitch you don't.

No matter how focused you are; for people like me, concentrating on your studies for a long stretch of time is out of question. Take my GRE ambition for example. After this great big flurry of determination of taking the world by storm by my flaming mind has all been lulled into extinction by simply what you might call - boredom. All i do these days is read ebooks and real books in quick, alternating successions. I have read 4 books in 1 week. Calmly ignoring college altogether.

Recession is a tad weird concept for me. I guess my mind is too simple to comprehend the enormity of it. I am currently not grasping the concept in its entirety and feeling extremely foolish about it. And nobody gets me when i go "Cmon! Why the long faces?! It will all be back to normal!" I mean, sorry for the optimism.

The Pak shootout at the Lankan players was the last straw. As in that's it. It's like killing a mockingbird. Or a dolphin. What harm are the cricketers doing? Poor blighters were the only people who agreed to step into that place where other sane people refuse to tread. And they get THAT for their goodity?! And if this stupid thing harms the World Cup or IPL season in any frickin' way, these terrorist people are goners i tell you.

That's all from Morbidity Today.


William Deng-Deng K. said...

1st para : shush!

2nd para : let them come. i'll fuck them. i'll make them regret. they should have never abducted me. those bastards. ( ID style :) )

3rd para : i know. after all the movies and the books and the god-blessed music out there? :)

4th para : ditto. what's the big deal? its just some stupid recession. it'll go. :P

5th para : terrorists. what's their problem??? they're like "hey! check him out. he's alive. lets frag him." . everytime!!!

Blue~Flame said...

@deng: yes exactly. my mopey state denies me any more exuberance.

Ankit Poddar said...


i share your morbidity and thats all i can say to make you feel better!


Bored cricket crazy indians is not just ma page yaar, so please lookout for who has written what before you put in ma name in comments re! gets a little embarrassing on the bored for me! though i appreciate you commenting for sure!

Blue~Flame said...

@kits: oops! and didb't i tell you not to stay stuff like 'ma'? Didn't i?

Ankit Poddar said...

my bad!