Apr 12, 2009

Shwetu is Back in my Atmosphere

I am not a great one for chatting on G Talk.
But desperate times call for desperate actions.
Didn't know what to do about assignment perils. Went in search of Shwetu. She is the only person i know who is in my stream anyways.
And Shwetu, angel that she is - over a 2 day period - helped me oh-so-much!!!
Went out of the way and all that.
I thanked her a gazillion times, but had to blog about it.
And i know she surreptitiously checks all my posts out even though she does not comment.
So i would like to thank you again! Yes - You do love me Enough!!!

One more thing, Shwetu's got in through MIT proj.! I mean seriously how cool is she?!

If everybody who knows does not immediately fall in love with Shwetu, we are friends no more! That's it!


Shweta said...


Whew, finally the "you don't love me enough" cribbing stops.

Sharanya said...

Shwetu is a heroine. Period.

Aggie M said...

she's not just a heroine. she's also the clumsy side-kick :)
We love Shwetu!!!! From her unruly hair to her trippy feet.
And thus ends the crib session. for now.

Blue~Flame said...

@Trio: Ye friends, be brave and unflinching of unblushingly admitting thy follies and goodness. Abt Shwetu that is.

Shweta said...

:( a touch premature.

our code was wrong.

Blue~Flame said...

no...shwetu u helped me more than anybody could...seriously!! you rock!