Apr 9, 2009

Little things...and Big smiles...

Exams have been over since 3 days and I refuse to move my butt and head off to college. (I actually used butt and head in 1 sentence. Heeheehee)It just doesn't seem natural you know. So here I am calmly sitting at home, getting up at 11, going off to sleep at 4, then getting up at 7 and finally hitting the bed at 12. It's been damn peaceful.Dreamy existence interspersed with Internet and food. Utopia is finally here.

Speaking of Internet: I finally have wi-fi!!! My cousin finally got the router to work and I'm sitting in my bed currently with a new laptop and wi-fi! Life is Good. :) Now, if only i had my personal Michelin 5 star chef.

Bunny seems to be angry with me. I really want him not to be. So i publicly apologize. On my behalf, can everybody please tell him to forgive me? Please?

And also speaking of little things; I have a new friend. We haven't actually seen each other, but have yakked away for hours on the phone and g talk. Best part is she's actually sort of my boss (!) although she sweetly refers to me as her colleague. Now you see why i like her so much! She is as crazy as me. And we are like absolutely connecting! Here's hoping for a life-long friendship!
Hey, Anushka you are supposed to clock this, you know!

This cousin is BTW the one who had left for US. He's now back with loads of electronic goods and chocolates. Thus we are currently in a state of truce. Interestingly enough when he came back i asked him "So how was the US of A" [Please note the pumped up tone of my voice here]
And to this my brother crisply answers "Clean"
Hmm. So I'm busting my ass with GRE et al to go to a clean place. To do what? Eat off the roads? As in; my mother says I'm a pig anyways. What's the shame in that, I ask you. So now here I am sitting and wondering why is that we are all so crazy about going to UK and US. What's so bad with home sweet home? I'll probably go anyway, but at this juncture i have dug up my reserves to come up with this extraordinary quote:
Makaan, kapda aur do roti mil jaye khane ko
Saala kaun marta hai paraye des jane ko


Anushka said...

Hahahahahha ...thanks for all the nice stuff said, would be fun to meet someday..
well hope the script is coming along fine !! If you have any clarifications, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks and Regards,

;-) yeah - see all we do is talk abt work:)))

Blue~Flame said...

@Anu: She can also lie through her teeth. Talk about connecting. :)

Sharanya said...

About the quote- ASBSOLUTELY!

agnes said...

i still dont get one thing. why mug words?? why? and why do they insultour intelligence with what they call Math?
are we going there?
Clean does count for soemthing i guess.
my stupid college sever has blcked the video. i cant see your true love :(

William Deng-Deng K. said...

no college. wi-fi in room. electronic goods. chocolates. utopia. indeed.

even i don't get it why we've to mug words. thousands of them! why? why can't they just call us up and tell us they read our blog and liked it and that they think we'll do great there?? they should do that.

Blue~Flame said...

@Mag: Did you just comment?! OMG!! At this point of time, i have no idea man. Blocked! Blocked! Sicko..What about Teeth though?

@Deng: Yes, Utopian Me! btw, about that blog suggestion - if i ever infiltrate the american educational system i'm going to make it mandatory. But ssince that won't happen in the near future, let's just mug up.

AAKRITI said...

hey well i got to know now bout muchi's true love 'mag' and good to hear that..

Blue~Flame said...

@AAKRITI: devil! :)