Apr 6, 2009

So you think you can Dance?!

'Dance India Dance' is one of the best things to happen to Reality TV - India. It is perhaps the only show we can hope to compare with the likes of 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

I'm a sucker for dance. Anybody who knows me personally knows that. It is my primary passion in life, along with writing and cricket. Any form of dance is good enough for me - classical, folk, contemporary, freestyle, world, anything.
I am currently learning Odissi. But belly dancing and hip hop remains my favorite.
Enough about me.

More about Md. Ghouse Y.K. Or Salman.
I LOVE THIS GUY. HIS GRACE, HIS POWER, OH GOD! HE'S AWESOME!!. The way he holds his legs, points his toes, arch of his back, powerhouse expressions - too good! Doesn't hurt that he is drop dead handsome too!
By default i love any guy who can dance well enough to storm my heart. (Nishu being exhibit A - He is seriously amazing. He is fluidity personified. You just have to see him move to believe it.)

[There was a dance video, right at this place. But i got tired of it loading every time my blog opened. So i removed it. If anybody wants to watch this video, Google!!]

Howzzat?? And that's not even his Chhau performance. That was like bending the limits of awesomity.


vacuous love said...

it is really amazing, but i am not that good dear.

Blue~Flame said...

@vl: no you are! you are! amazing in your own right.
dont be so modest.

Nikhil Balachander said...

Hey Suchi !!! Ya , really really long time ! One word to describe your blog : LEGENDARY :P . Infact your blog is pretty much wat a novice in the blogosphere like me luks up2 !!
And as far as 'The Reader' is concerned , it is an amazing movie , more so Kate Winslet totally steals the show with her amazing screen presence !!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

AAHHSOME!!!! deadly!!! something after the step-ups that just made me regret i'm not into dancing and all.

Blue~Flame said...

@Balu: Hii!! Aww, no dont go into legendary part. I miss barney. And yeah echo the reader sentiments!

@Deng: Isn't it? I mean look at him. Oh my God!