Jun 26, 2009

MJ no more!

The King of Pop is gone.
Just like that. Poof.
It is so weird, the way people just calmly stage their exit. No clues left behind. Nothing.
To kids today, he is this crazy musician, but I love MJ. I have always loved him.
He was a magician of music and dance alike to me. There was something about his wackiness that was realistic. Surreal, but still. His life, his skin, his nose, his children, his ummm...preferences, who are we to judge?!
But it's all a moot point now. Succumbing to a cardiac arrest, Wacko Jacko is not with us anymore. And left the world a poorer place.

1 comment:

Aggie M said...

MJ. I don't get it. He was just 50 dammit. Not to mention weird and misunderstood.
Okay, things like pedophilia have scarred his image forever, but its hard to discredit the guy who he used to be.
And well, you have to dig him for:
a. his zoo house
b. Bubbles, his pet monkey.
c. Bad.

MJ was awesome. And Im sad that he's moved on. Peace man.