Dec 30, 2009


The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New Y...
This is one of those 'Maggie is going' posts.
It's been crazy. We haven't seen each other since Christmas.

And I haven't posted since World War II.

Cool, how judaai ka gum is such a radical blogger catalyst.
OK, so I can't catch you up with what's been happening since I moved to Antarctica, but my elephantine memory stretches back to...24th of December. Right

Decemeber 24, 2009
Avatar (2009 film)
Jenni's bday. Wish her. Thinking about an appropriate gift. Brother kicks me out of bed. Announces loudly about 'our' plans of watching Avatar. I blink groggily, and agree with bad grace. Book tickets, watch he movie in 3D, giggle hysterically at the "I See You" parts and generally shove each other around in our seats.
The movie is 3-frickin-hours long! And my review: It's a Bollywood movie with a Hollywood budget. The human-alien snogging was gross.

We finally made our way out, bickered over Subway/MacDonald. Both won.
Went home. Cousins arrived from various parts of the country. Booked tickets for 3 Idiots.

December 25, 2009

Starbucks logo
Merry Christmas to y'all!
The cheery day arrived in a typical fashion, with my mum yelling at me to get the hell out of bed. I scrambled out of the bed, made a greeting card for the Mendoncas (It was a red stocking). Hurried to Belapur, wished everbody. gulped Maggie's cuppa coffee and met SHWETU! And guess what, Shwetu got me this Starbucks mug as my Bday gift. How positively glorious is that?!
I promptly drank Sprite in it.
Then we had cake (rum and coconut), candy, other such small edible stuff and moved on to the living room. Settled down to watch Nigella's cookery show. Collectively drooled over it. Lunch was announced. Treated to a delicious lunch (Paneer,as always, in my honor). Matilda replaced Nigella. All in all, it was good family fun.
My real family called. Told me to haul arse.
Ahoy 3 Idiots!
We were 9 people - all family. It was crazy! About the movie: It was a funny, trend setting movie. Chatur was my favorite actor. Aamir was the cutest, though he could lose that walk. Love the song Zoobi Doobi.  Kareena looked hot. Hate the title song. Hate it. If I hear it one more toddler belt it out, I'm gonna scream.

December 26-27, 2009
At Shirdi.
Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi, India
Loooong road journeys, bad-highway food, and never-ending queues characterized this trip for me.
I had this extremely long list with which I was going to bore Sai Baba. After 5 hours of waiting, I ended up saying, "Baba, you know everything, please refer to my list. Yawn"
How pathetic is that?!
Came back home, dead tired.
Slept for 16 hours straight.
By the time I woke up, cousins had left, entire day had gone by..

Since then...
Not much, bumming around.
That 70s show.
Google Chrome extensions.
Candy and sweets.
Erratic Mexus work.
Freelance job hunting.
Recharge worries.
Weight-loss schemes.
Candy and sweets.
And oh, significant: Shopping! Brought 3 bare denim tees, a Scullers winter tee and other knick-knacks.


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Ravi Teja Synti said...

wow me first comment!! thats a new thing :)

Avatar. totally agree. i had such high expectations for it :( ... yeah there was lots of shady stuff.. the way they cud "insert" their hair ends into anything that moves :D :P
we were putting so many shady comments the ladies behind us told us to shut up :)

3 idiots. yaa i heard its awesome :)

Shirdi??! what for?

freelance job? :D wow, writing for papers, books, blogs? :P

Sharanya said...

ENABLE THE ANONYMOUS OPTION!!!! I'm too lazy to sign in all the time!

And too lazy to type my comment all over again. Basically, it defended Avatar and told you how much you were missed when we met. The end.

Count Grishnackh said...

Finally you blogged :). Glad you had a gr8 Xmas. Things at my end( expectedly in Nagpur)were at best a damp squib :( . Hoping to reclaim some of the Holiday season fun by bolting off to the countryside today for New-year's eve( a place called Bhedaghat in MP...remember the song'raat ka nasha-asoka'..that place :D ). Anyways, wishing you an awesome New Year ahead :).

Cheers !

Shweta said...

'Weight-loss schemes'. Next line:
'Candy and sweets'.

Hyuk hyuk.

And Sharan doesn't know yet. Spoilsport, lah, you!

And yeah, you should have been there when we met!