Dec 31, 2009

et augebitur scientia

university of leedsImage by noii's via Flickr
This is one of those time when you say 'I think I"m going to die' and you actually mean it.
Serious health abnormalities - palpitations, minor cardiav arrests, breathing issues surfaced in a big way.
Why, you ask?
I got an offer from the University of Leeds, that's why.
Yes, you read that right.
Me, your silly little child got a letter from the hallowed university. Embossed and all. With a colorful brochure containing ridiculously diverse, happy and good-looking people.
Happy New Year to one and All!!

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godrick said...

Its great darling..
I was quite sure.
now your new life begins..
enjoy and make me proud ;)

Tyrant said...

Awesome:)Just plainly awesome..Happy New Year to you too!!

Sharanya said...

DONT SAY NO TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue~Flame said...

@Godrick: Thank you, I owe it to you light of one's life. Ok, not exactly to you. But partly :)

@Tyrant: THANK YOU!!!!!!! Wish you the same :)

@Sharan: I really don't want to. But I have to wait for the others to come in. esp Goldsmiths and the US apps. I have a feeling i'm going to stick here only. :) Do you have any personal reviews about this place though? Why so enthu?

Blue~Flame said...


Aggie M said...

happy glee. sublime joy etc.
we're going man. so going :)

Ravi Popat said...

New year with a perfect beginning, eh? Congrats. :) And more shall come. Pucca. :)

Happy New Year btw. :D

Ravi Teja Synti said...

wow! Awesome! :)
Aggie is going there too?

Blue~Flame said...

@mag: Did you fill the form? did you?

@Deng: What's wrong with you? How dare you comment as ravi popat? For a moment i wondered why spidey's commented twice! Anyway, THANGUUUU.
Wish you the same :)

@Spidey: If I'm going, I'll make her come dude. Leeds, UK!!
Thanks and all.


Count Grishnackh said...

Whoa...Awesome stuff man !! Congrats and I am dead sure there are many many more to come :)

Cheers !

Blue~Flame said...

@Count: :) You speak such kind and heartening words o' noble count.
May thank.

Sharanya said...

It's LEEDS!!! it's frickin awesome for media!!!! Don't let go! And take Ag with yoU!!

Ravi Teja Synti said...

Ag can probably ride bikes at 134kmph there....... much better :D