Dec 3, 2009

The trauma that was...

Java got over today. Like Java pracs are still there. But the fact that I'm actually going to pass in the theory is unbeatable. It's like I've snorted some cocaine or something, I'm so high.

So the trauma that was:

9:30 pm(yesterday): In a nostalgic fit, download Saathiya and Guru songs. Lilting away nonchalantly to it. 

10:00 pm: Stop listening to songs. Start studying the new portion. Have to start sometime!

10:30 pm: Dinner. Figure that, one episode of 70s show won't hurt. Plus, you can't study while eating right.

11:00 pm: Frantic calls to Bunny. Come to conclusion that both of us are in deep shit. Haven't done post-midsems. Forget midsems. We Bond. We are together in our shit. Very much bonded for life.

11:30 pm: Now we finally realize that serious shit is afoot. Very FML situations. Do the mandatory call to friends. Ask the perfunctory "Kitna Hua?"
Note: I don't know what it is with the question "Kitna Hua"? But it seems to be the most consolatory question. As soon as you ask that question and the other person inevitably replies "Kuch nai yaaar. Kal toh pakka fail. Koi chance hi nai." you feel infinitely better. Finally a smile escapes and you empathetically offer "We are sooo screewwwed maaaan". Both moan and hang up.

12:00 am: This is when the pathetic Sardar jokes come alive for me. I actually bonk out at 12. I stop functioning. Bowing to the inevitable, I shut my books and go to bed. Exam's at 1! I have like sooooo much time in the morning!

12:30 am: Whispered conversations with Bunny. Decide that we have to get up at 6:00 am tomorrow. No compromises. Goodbye and to sleep.

3:30 am: Frantically get up and thrash around in the bed. Gasp for air, grope for cell. Locate it, switch it on, check the time. Swear under breath. Decide to change the alarm time to 5:30. Coz you know, 22 chapters and not a word inhaled.

3:45 am: Get up. Change the time to 5:15 am, coz you know, it takes 15 minutes to brush teeth and all.

5:00 am: Give up on sleep. Wake up. Sit and stare at the cell. At 5:14 am, switch off the alarm. Bathroom, brush teeth, study table. 

5:30 am: Now, I start to feel sleepy. Typical. 

6:30 am: Realize, haven't even finished 1 chapter. Panic starts setting in. Call Bunny. Whine. Console. Get back to staring at the chapter.

7:30 am: Upside down on the bed. It should make some sense now.

8:30 am: Hyperventilation. Chuck the programs. Do the theory. Write some crap in every question and expect her gracious pity to shower upon you.

9:30 am: Chuck the theory. Headings should do. 4 years of engineering, should be able to make up some shit right?!

10:30 am: Severe chest pains. 

11:00 am: Consider going online. Mom goes ballistic. Offline. Book in hand.

11:30 am: 3 programs, and 4 pages of theory later, I am in the process of beautifying myself. A girl's gotta look good right? 

12:00 pm: Rethink. Go for the sad look. What if I flunk? Good looking girls don't get sympathy, So glasses and hair tied up. 

12:30 pm: In the train. Rocking towards doom with others. Numb, stunned atmosphere. Start recognizing my religious side. In a big way.

1:00 pm: Deathly pall in exam hall. Nothing like a bit of Java to cheer people up. Nobody asks anybody anything. Silence. Paper starts.

1:15 pm: Having checked paper various times, I realize I actually can answer most of the questions! It's like an early Christmas miracle! 

3:00 pm: Bounce out of the class, announce to the world about how I am going to pass and that henceforth nobody shall question my greatness. 

4:00 pm: Meet Maggie to rejoice. We both giggle happily for sometime. Relieved stomach gobbles down masala puri while cement toothed Mag chatters on.

5:00 pm: Pleased as punch, I head home. Mag heads back.

5:30 pm: Sit down to watch some good old teleseries.


That was long.

Bunny's exam didn't go well. :( 
Everybody, please pray for him na. No KT's man. Bummer that'll be.


agnes said...

i dig this post. its awesome :)
more so because im in it.
brain not functioning.
i think i sent anushka the same mail twice:|
wanna die.

William Deng-Deng K. said...
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William Deng-Deng K. said...

I'm shocked! This is *our* story!
(NO, WEASEL, Our = Mine and other people like Potnis and all. U are a 9 pointer)
Are all engg stories the same or what?
Ditto shit, man. Ditto shit. :|

godrick said...


Blue~Flame said...

@Mag: brain dead.

@Deng:They are.
We are this single human mass.
Quivering jelly sorts.
Java's done!!
Snorrtttt... Phew!!
Mag, u became 9 pointer when?! Nobody tells me anything these days!

godrick said...

seriously man..
it was fuckin.. bad
mean do you believe i studied not only I "everybody" studied that
post mid-sem, and what the hell all question's came from mid-portions..

she scrweeeeed usss...assss..

but thanks for praying me.. plz plz do all of you...

thanks and pray..

Sharanya said...

AGGIE IS HERE????????????????????


Is she here for your birthday?????????????????????

WILL SHE STAY FOR MINE??????????????????????????????????


Fuck, I have exams going on. TILL THE 9th.

I don't know if I will pass grammar tomorrow. We have a BODMAS rule. It's like math all over again.

Ag and Such, if I'm going to fail, I'm going to need consolation from you peeps.

Goodbye life.

Aggie M said...

9. Hee hee. see that's not happening anymore :) the 7-8 borderline is my kingdom(queendom?)
@Sharan: I am so back. You'll stare those exams right in the eye and make them shiver and quail under the might of your Awesomeness. You will
@Godric: He shall pass. He shall. We are praying, lighting candles, whatever it takes :)
@Deng. Please clone yourself man and send one of you here. Watch fringe for instructions on how.
@Muchi: Brain dead and loving it :D

Tyrant said...

Sexy post!:)The "kitna hua" question is such a cliche,even the toppers of our department say they're gonna fail.And I get so irritated when they sign off,"Tu toh phodnewala hai"!!

Count Grishnackh said...

This IS the story of every engg. student only now told in a sexy fashion ( if I may second Tyrant i.e. :P )! The comfort that the 'kitna hua' q brings in to a mind which is fucked by despair , anger , ignorance and most of all-lack of sleep during exam time is something like a balm for a hurting muscle. U r not sure if you need it or if it even helps , but man, it does feel really goooooooood :) !

Blue~Flame said...

Uhm OK. Lot has happened since one has graced this place.

@Godrick. You'll live man. Pasta today was AWESOME!! Thanguu..

@Sharan: Poor thee. Dont froth. I'm passing Java. YOU can pass ANYTHING now. Yes, Mag's here. Sleepy, lazy bum.

@Tyrant: I knw! Irritating as jell. I'm gonna fail... Waaaaaa... Arseholes.

@Balu: Yeah man, we had a few of those samples from school na?

@Dengie: Thou art conspicuos by thine absence.

@Mag: Hold it, I'll call :|... I know what you're doing though... :)