Nov 18, 2009

Writer's Block

A single word does not pass,
Dry and dreary, Oh so parched!
Once so full, the plenitude!
Emptiness now, so seclude

Pen and paper sit side by side,
Facing away, a gruesome fight,
Mutiny this, sprung up on me,
I cannot abide this silent spree!

Brain cells tingle with despair,
Time ticks by, dangling a sword,
How, pray, do I break this Curse?
Coffee, candles, hand of God?

I search in vain, there is no light,
Buzzing ears and fireflies,
O gracious words! Do not so mock!
Banish thyself, Writer's Block!

Edit (19th, Nov):
Today's Pratibha's B'day!! (She's my mami, but then she's the coolest too) She's apparently not here, she's in Hong Kong. So happy b'day.
Also, Happy Bday, Ashu Anna. It's a much sadder place without you.
(You would think, good memory is a good thing. Times like these, it hurts like hell)


godrick said...

I think poem is awesome, how you manage playing with words like that. It is bit difficult to understand for normal people like me ;)

BTW can you please write some understandable English. I understood though, but after having 3,4 look's in my dictionary..

PS : you rock baby...

Blue~Flame said...

I'm a genius. It's as simple as that.
Now go, fetch me some chocolates.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

And you shall, find the words,
That lead to Nirvana and some more;
Think not now, if you've already thunk,
Let the feeling sink and bunk,
And you shall have, words galore.

Blue~Flame said...

@Deng: Piece of fluff, you

Blue~Flame said...

@sharan (in case you didn't read it in the prev post):
I just like doing this and scaring the shit out of ppl!
Ok, I"ll just give you hints:
1. SoP. you wr spsd to say bad words about it.
2. My PIC! You wr spsd to say good words about it. Like very good :|
3. My poem. You wr spsd to go awwww.

That's it! But all's forgotten in the light of thine untimely departure o friend.
Please do not leave us.
We shall wilt.

godrick said...

here is a short poem i wrote..

My life my struggle
Life through all I did was struggle
Life through all I did is struggle
I struggle for little contentment in my life
All I lack was little contentment in my life
I cried I starved I struggle,
just for little happiness in my existence.
I hope for little bliss for my life.
I wanted peace,
I wanted love.
But all I got was hatred and frustration.
I wept each time,
And consonance was not all I hunted.
Grant me some harmony,
Grant me some love.
I am becoming frail,
Forgetting my track for my rail .
Make me strong,
Give my life gladness song.
Forgive me if I am somewhere wrong ,
With all you people let me live long.

Count Grishnackh said...

Ahoy ! It's been a really loooooooooong time since I paid a visit to Blogosphere and my lord !! I have missed a great deal of action , I c . Dig that 'awesome mausam' waala poem :)!! And I think I might just be posting my comment at the wrong place , am I not ?? :)

alchemy16 said...

Blog like you used to? Like as often?

Blue~Flame said...

@Count: You're back!! What haond to you man?
And, we (mag n me) have a new BLOG!!!!

@Alchemy: Umm, exams do seem to hold some sway over me.

Sharanya said...

I JUST SAW THIS!! FUCK MAN, I should read comments too!!! I mean, I read the poem when I was half-asleep, and I forgot all about it later on.

I know you hate me now. BAS. *goes and hangs self*

Blue~Flame said...

Yes, you must!!
Periodic checking.