Jan 12, 2010

Could you please hold the call? I have to go to the loo (!)


Been a long time.
I've been doing the usual mostly - wallowing in self-pity, counting calories while eating candy, watching god-knows-how-many-tv-shows and basically just being a degenerate bum.

I've activated a curiously delightful Airtel NightPack. It offers the rate of 1 Re/20 mins. Which is clever, because one hurries to activate it thinking it's 5p/sec, but no! It's 1 Re/20 mins. So even if I talk for 1 min, I spend 1 Re. Ingenious really.
So now, instead of disconnecting the phone when I desperately require a quick trip to the bathroom, I put people on hold.
Oh, the things one has to do!

I've started Tweeting (or whatever the appropriate term is). And I'm still doing so, thank you very much. I've realized that I'm not the twittering types, because I simply have nothing interesting enough to say. But you think that will induce me into backing out?! No Siree! Thought you had me there dincha?! Ha! I stuck to my guns. Now I just tweet inane things. Even if they are the verbal equivalent of stinking crap.
I wish you guys would join me there. Would feel like home.

College is supposed to start today. I'm obviously not going. I mean, what kind of loser goes to college on the first day itself?! That's what everybody told me when I asked them which train we are taking.

Work has been traumatic. My brainwaves have been jammed by some spaceship. Probably the one used by Massive Dynamic. Fringe terrifies me with an horrifyingly exponential ascendancy.

On a related note, I support the theory of Alternate Reality/Parallel Universe. Alternate Suchi is currently in Oxford University eating a buttered crumpet. Of course Alternate Suchi II is in Massive Dynamic conducting terrifying experiments on retarded FBI agents. Alternate Suchi III is........


Shweta said...

i hate your traffic feed :|. It isn't fair that I'm the only one in my city!

Alternate Suchi X is Tendulkar's press secretary/media advisor/... huh?


alchemy16 said...

Twitter takes some getting used to. Soon you'll be hooked. :P

Blue~Flame said...

@Shwetu: In ur country, more like. But I love it. And come on! It opens eyes to this whole new paranormal vista.....

@Alchemy: Yes, true. But I'm boring and that's true too.