Jan 4, 2010

It Keeps Gettin' Better - Part 2

So, more good news.
I have expanded my realms to surrounding sub-zero areas of cool news now.
Soon, I'll be interviewing Neil Patrick Harris :| (Oh, wishful thinking)

So anyway, William Deng-Deng (Yes, our Ravi Popat!) and Cuppy (Sovil-sadly not on blogger, but the cutest human being to visit earth) have got placed in Infosys!!
Double joy and all!

Now Deng(alter-Hyde) will become a corporate junkie.
Points finger at laughs
Falls on the ground and rolls in laughter.

@Cuppy: Way to go girl! Spread thine divine joy in Infosys.


Sharanya said...

Oh my God! Deng! Congratulations! Listen, I know corporate guys have zero time on their hands but you better not stop blogging!

gynelwazlib said...

Yes I know, Sharan anon is not an option! I already took word verificn off when u told me to :D
I have endured enough of weird anon stuff. No more, I say!
You lazy bum!
Anyway, I like seeing ur name like this :D

godrick said...

congo cuppy..
enjoy in infi..
have a good luck..

Ravi Popat said...

Oh man! Thanks. Thanks a googol. :)

But No! I will not become a corporate junkie. I'm joining Infosys na. U just wait and see. U'll see Infi employees wearing black band tees and all a year from now. Just see. :)

Thankee again. :)

Blue~Flame said...

@Dengie: You know, my sis in Infy, and she has this black tee which has java beans, and a exception handling program and stuff like that. WOrst of all the catch line says "It's all done with 'class'"!!!
That's what YOU'LL be weraing..
hahaha, god this is so much fun!

Blue~Flame said...

@冰淇淋: Hey! Who is this?

Shweta said...

Congrats both of you :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Everyone : Again, Danke.

And Suchi, u just wait and see. A year. :D Mark my words. :D