Jan 24, 2010

Which book/movie would you prefer?

  • The one which will answer your questions?
  • The one which will leave you questioning?
Will this be your unwavering choice every single time?

For example...


alchemy16 said...

But I especially love ones that put what you've been struggling with in words, and so perfectly that it becomes clearer. You know?

malou said...

The ones that leave me questioning anytime. Because if after every book I read, I don't ask myself any questions well, that would get boring. On the other hand, in the last book of a series, I'd like all questions to be answered. Love, Malou.

Sharanya said...

Questions, always. At least in the case of books. Movies need to make me think -- not necessarily question. I'd be deprived if I didn't have this.

What a FANTASTIC post, Suchi. I wish I had done this!

Blue~Flame said...

I think a good/movie book would be which incorporated both elements perfectly don't you?

@Urvashi: I know.

@Malou: Welcome! Is that your real name? So cool, what does it mean.

@sharan: Thanks. :)

Errant said...

I like books that pop unexpected questions in my head !

godrick said...

book that does not give or ask any question obviously and movie completely senseless..

yaar movie ke baad bhi sonchna padega !!!

Ashley said...

I prefer ones where I'm left wondering. I prefer to find answers myself and always like to find something new to ponder.

Blue~Flame said...

So everybody likes to be stumped.

Apart from my dear Godrick, who was born stumped :)

Hello Ms. Errant & Ashley. Welcome.