Feb 15, 2010


There are some things that you don’t want to admit, even to your own self.  But maybe you’ve already done it and you don’t know it just yet.
Solitude is never easy. It corners you and your thoughts alone.  You are forced to have a feral, silent battle with yourself and come out of it without acknowledging the winner.
Solitude is never easy. It forces you into opening wounds that wouldn’t have surfaced originally.
But then again, there is a certain virginal promise in self contemplation. No two instances are the same.
A single memory that sets a multitude of emotions rippling forth; much like those gentle concentric circles stemming from that casual throw of a pebble.
It can surprise with answers to questions you never knew you had. That is Solitude.


Tyrant said...

Totally with you!!

gynelwazlib said...

Thou art here.
And you even understood my post! Bonus.
Do you also feel, thats something gone wrong in our blog-o-circuit??

Shweta said...

Eh? Solitude is when i contemplate what to eat for my next meal.

Blue~Flame said...

@Shwetu: And not on the can?! I mean't the can!

Tyrant said...

I know.That's why,you and Aggie please switch over to wordpress.Deng will follow too.And then good times will be back again :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Deep, poetic and all. Solitude is good. But after a while, it gets boring.

Nice pic. But some serious headbanging has limited my neck's degrees of freedom. So its kinda hard to say 'Woah!' even when I know its 'Woah!'. If u know what I mean.

And no, don't join Wordpress. It sucks. Blogger is good. In fact,

Blogger = \m/
Wordpress = _|_

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Alright. I hate this midget of a gentleman in me. Hawt pic! But in a tilted-at-45-degrees kinda way. Why? Why did u have to agree for a tilted shot?

Blue~Flame said...

@Dengie: I didn't agree for a tilted pic or anything. My sis just tilted her phone while taking the pic :| Nothing I could do about it.
Solitude, is well, now I'm not even sure what that post means.
Yay Blogger!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written post. Solitude can be intimidating, but can also bring out thoughts and self reflections you otherwise wouldn't have contemplated. My favourite time of solitude was when I was stuck on a Greyhound coach for 23 hours straight across Canada, by myself, with nothing but a pair of headphones and my own thoughts to keep me company. It was a moment of such contemplation and reflection I'll remember for the rest of my life :)

Also, thanks for coming over to my blog and for your comment, I'm really looking forward to catching up on yours!

Blue~Flame said...

@Emily: No problem :) its always a pleasure coming across wonderful new blogs who share the same interest as i do. Glee!