Feb 7, 2010

A conversation between a Dutch-boy and an Indian-girl.

As you trudge your way through life, you realize how a single topic stimulates different perceptions at different stages of life. The change may be subtle or it may not.
Of course the biggest target topic is Love.
The transition mostly goes like this:
fairy tale----love at first sight----sweet love----eternal love-----first disappointment----tarnished love-----jaded love----practical love----cynical love----stable love----partnership

So this thread of thought has been provoked by an Omegle conversation.
I was terribly bored yesterday, so I Omegled.
My first conversation was rather short and curse-filled. I finally disconnected.
My second conversation was with this sweet Dutch-boy.
I realized quite early that he must be quite young. Early teens perhaps. Because he said something like this:

  • 'The girl I love is across the ocean'
  • 'She is perfect in a way you can't imagine'
  • 'And although the relationship is kind of open we have promised to tell each other if we fall for anybody else'

The grown-up version of this is:

  • 'I hate this f-ing long distance relationship crap man. The phone bill is unbelievable'
  • 'Yeah, she's alright. She now accepts me for who I am and has stopped barfing when I burp or fart. I could do worse.'
  • 'We'll get to that bridge when we get there ok?'
We are probably not quite there yet. But let's just give it some time.

Back to the conversation.
I asked him about his girl. Turns out, she is Canadian. 
'How the hell did you guys meet?!' I asked. 
'Nepal' he replied.
The story is Dutch-boy's family and Canadian-girl's family wanted to hike through the mountains. They dragged their kids along. Kids met accidentally on snow-clad mountains and fell in love. How awwww is that?!
Quite obviously, holiday got over and now MSN is their love pigeon. 
We come across these kind of stories everyday. In movies, books, blogs etc. But actually hearing a first-person account from a sweet-16 boy was very refreshing. An attitude check.

So we chatted for about 20-25 minutes acknowledging each other only as Dutch-boy and Indian-girl and then went our separate ways. It was oddly therapeutic. 

Oh, we also had a bloody snippet. He was extremely frustrated with family pressure and wanted to stab all of them. 
I, being wise beyond my years, warned him of the mess and suggested pillow smothering instead. 
We both agreed that this was a better option and signed off.


Aggie M said...

First! me first!
the fuck did we stop doing this anyway?
muchi :)
love. I hate the bitch.

Historiophile said...
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Historiophile said...

Really liked the way you write... you can make mundane things sound interesting. I guess, you must be quite a regular writer.

Btw this love at first sight on the mountains is a romantic fantasy that touches the core of my heart. Nice to see it happen in reality. :-)

Blue~Flame said...

Thanks Mr. Histo.
Yes, very sweet, isn't it?
Although, now, I'm over it. Sweetness doesn't capture me for long.


William Deng-Deng K. said...

I second Aggie. If what I seconded her for is what she meant. Else, I take back my words. I don't second Aggie.

Blue~Flame said...

Dengie, stmts like these are what i adore you for.