Feb 28, 2010

FIH Hockey World Cup 2010 - Day 1

First the updates:

  1. Spain trump South Africa, 4-2
  2. England pull a stunner over favorites Australia, 3-2
It was an exhilarating feeling, watching Hockey after such a long time, with an invovlement that almost reeeked of longing for Pillai, Gaganajit, Jugraj and Tirkeys.
Pakistan have Sohail Abbas and Rehan Butt, dangers any given day. Sohail seemed to be having an off day missing two penalty corners. As a whole, Pakistan were luckless and a little erratic within the circle.
India's defense on the other hand shone through like a uncut diamond today. Sandeep Singh was excellent scoring two goals, the second one being a beautiful drag flick off a penalty corner. Shivendra Singh and Prabhjot Singh were the other two goal makers. Prabhjot Singh's goal was especially ingenuous - deft and clever.  

Pakistan, with a careful, almost pre-planned strategy, started out slow but increased the tempo ferociously after Shivendra's first goal. It is a treat to watch the aggression of Pakistani players when they get into form but as I said, it was a no-go day for them.
All in all, it was a clean game played between India and Pakistan, with fears, tensions and security concerns temporarily forgotten. The stadium was packed and the atmosphere was excellent and extremely festive, which is what would you would expect of a stadium filled with North Indians who know how to make a noise.

Day 1: Thumbs Up!!!!


Vimal said...

well, yay!!

alchemy16 said...

WOOHOO. My dad went and saw, I think he might have been one of the best nights of his life...

Amogh Upadhyay said...

i could see some empty seats but who cares i had my doordarshan

and pakistan cant foul play in this one just like they are doing for IPL with all the blame game

what an answer.. yahooOOOoooo

Blue~Flame said...

@All: Yaaaayyyy!!!

And, No, Pak played very well, very clean, lets not start any blame game at all here.
Tis a time for peace and etc.