Feb 27, 2010

Save Stripey!! Please!!

I ask this question to a non-Indian - What comes to your mind when you think India?
Snakes and Snake charmers
Myths and Religion
Sages and Magic
Color and Festivities
[Disease and Poverty, I'm sure]
But also, definitely, Tigers.

The Tiger is the national animal of India. Our pride, our mighty roar amongst the helpless cries. A symbol of our strength, courage and valor. It is beyond doubt, the most magnificent animal to grace this planet and anybody who has seen the Royal Bengal Tiger is most likely to concur with me.
As a child I always wanted a tiger as a pet (and I kid you not). I was consistently advised against it because once it became as large as me it would eat me everybody said. Sadly, even the innocent wishes aren't an option anymore. I'm sure everybody here is smart enough to know why they are dying. Maybe you don't care, maybe you do and just aren't motivated enough to do anything about it. But, please do take a moment out of your time and think about them. We lose them, we lose a very important link in our ecology. We lose a creation God very lovingly created and got as close to perfection as he ever could. Do we really want to lose this? Can we afford to?
In a rigmarole of endless coffees, night-outs, shoes and handbags; have we become so soul-less that we can't give back just a little? As an Indian (and a Hindu) I firmly believe in karma. I also believe that no kind act will ever, ever go unrewarded. Believe me.

Now I pose these questions to my fellow Indians. Do we want to lose our identity? A national pride? The face of India? A symbolism so deep and that it's inseparable now? Do we want to? Can we afford to?

There are probably a lot of you who can't donate. But it's not always about money. It's about initiative. It's about concern. It's about loving and taking care of our own.

Visit these websites for more information:


godrick said...

I love stripy..
I dont want to loose any of the animal any..believe me. This sweet little kid up there is so cute, I feel like crying when it comes to the lives of this beautiful animal.

I still remember the day when I was small kid and I was so excited to see TIGER in the zoo and I clapped and jumped 2 feet high when I saw them.
But I have a question? Do our child or Grand child will get that happiness and will they be able to see this NATIONAL ANIMAL.
I am afraid and believe me its time to do something, take a initiative.
Dont know what but have to...


You forced me to write!!

Blue~Flame said...

@Godrick: Visit the website listed. You'll find out exactly how to take the initiative. Thanks.

Amogh Upadhyay said...

well it's a shame that we dont even know how many tiger's are exactly there as our environm. minister said. its a high time we do some thing. the point is in the blogosphere most of us are aware but how do we share our awareness with the ones that are actually responsible?

great post
even i wrote about it but you my dear are better :)

alchemy16 said...

YOU'RE Mega Awesome :]

Blue~Flame said...

@Amogh: Thank you so much. You're too kind :)

@Urvashi: You are too! you just are! Your poetry is breathtaking, makes me feel ashamed. What u doing here anyway, aren't your boards on girl?

alchemy16 said...

You make me laugh practically every day. That is a gift, someday I hope my writing gets half as interesting as yours. Not fishing, just saying I'm glad I found you and your blog.

Juliana said...

You.ARE.Incredible. This made me cry--you are one of those people who restore my faith in humantiy and I am loving your blog because of it.

I came over when Johana gave us both an award and I a so glad that I did. I am now happily following.

Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

P.S. I am on 2OSb as well- Juliana King

Blue~Flame said...

@Jewel: I saw tis comment now!! After visiting your blog and dropping comments! :) You are awesome too. Thank you so much.