Mar 5, 2010

Another Concentration Camp

Mystery surrounds the tragic killing of a 3-year-old in Melbourne. In what's been described by the Australian police as a "worst case" of murder down under, a council worker found a three- year-old boy's body 30 km from his home.

The toddler, Gurshan Singh, had vanished from his home in a Victorian suburb in Melbourne, while his mother was in the shower. His body was found six hours later. The boy was in Australia with his father on a three-month holiday. His mother is a student in Australia. The boy was due to return to India in the next few days. The police are treating the death as homicide.

The autopsy report does not determine the cause of death. The body has been sent for forensic tests now. The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna have condemned the brutal murder in the strongest words 

Note: This news snippet has been taken from here. Please click on that for the complete article.

Words. That's all they have.
Will those words bring this little boy back?
Will those words bring back all those children being killed mercilessly.
As much as I try to ignore the burning in my chest, it follows me around. 
Isn't there any limit? At all?
His fault was probably that he is an inferior race. That's right. Inferior to the mighty whites.
Not fit enough to live. 
Of course he deserves to die.
Let's start concentration camps again.
We'll be together again. 
It'll be fun.

UPDATE: This crime ha reportedly been perpetrated by an Indian. I don't know whether to be ashamed or suicidal. This is shocking, despicable and unforgivable. 


Kanwalful said...

Oh my god. This sent shivers down my spine. SO scary. :(

The world is a bad place...

Christopher said...

That's so awful.

Johana Hill said...

That's sad! Such a waste...

Blue~Flame said...

@K,C,J: In retrospect, this post sounds like I'm generalizing whites and harsh. But I was in a furious state of mind. I'm not generalizing. Just condemning the action of a few. I feel terrible.