Mar 8, 2010

Retarded Fairy

Mom: There might be a problem with her. I mean, not a problem, but you know..
Dad: Nothing like that, she's just emotionless...
Random Aunty: And sh'e so prone to accidents!! Do you think that's somehow related?
Dad: Nah, she's tough. You've got to be brutal in today's world.
Random Aunty: Yes, but yesterday, she was laughing at that weeping kid!
Dad (gruffly): She has a sense of humor.
Mom (biting her lip): Heh heh heh.....
Me: I'm here you know.
All Three: Oh, yes, we completely forgot. Here, have a samosa.

The above conversation might be an extrapolated exaggeration, but then so is my entire blog. A similar conversation did take place though. Numerous times in fact.

The most recent incident was when my younger brother asked me a doubt right before his first board exam (10th grade/O Levels) and I told him to wait because I wanted to watch a movie. A heated debate ensued. I quietly slipped away to watch the movie.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me.
Apart from the fact that I composed this poem:

little fairy, little fairy
where are your wings?
are you just retarded
or is puberty not your thing?
do you really think you
should be wearing that white dress
the pretty fabric is
under so much duress

little fairy, little fairy
where is your wand?
do you think that thing there
is a lump or a hand?

About the accidents part - I've been known to spill. A lot. In fact I also cause chain-spilling on occasions.  The most recent excursion to accident-land was an hour back:

I was innocently surfing away at my laptop when stupid brother started heckling me about something.
Haughtily I shoved him which caused a slight upset and my mouse clattered down. I bent down to pick it up and banged my head on the way up. So the mouse fell down again.
Frustrated I bent down to pick it up again and the laptop slid down. I tried to push it up and it bumped my cell phone which slithered away on the floor. I was too exhausted to get up and get it so I tried to strecth from my chair itself without actually hauling my arse out of it and the chair fell down with an almighty crash. With me.


Johana Hill said...

Clumsy fairy!! hehehehe

You gotta be careful! And I hate it too when people talk about me while I'm there and they pretend I'm not...argghh

godrick said...

Well its natural, you my dear cold blooded animal, that people talk about you like this.
Hmmm but this is wrong thatthey shouldn't talk infront of you... ;)

Christopher said...

I kind of detach myself sometimes too. Especially when people are falling. So long as they aren't falling off a cliff or something really high I usually break out laughing immediately. People always look at me with disgust and ask why I didn't even wait to see if he/she was going to be alright.

Another David said...

Nice wipeout! Totally worth it.

Blue~Flame said...

@Jo: Yea well,i do. but then I wouldnt be me right? :) get well soon!

@Godrick: You are too kind.

@Chris: I still maintain. You are as disturbed as I am. We sould start a camp for kids together *tee hee*

@David: Thank you, good sir.

Sharanya said...


Blue~Flame said...


Continuum said...

Chain-spilling!!Sums up my life,
pretty much.This is very spooky.
When I'm not around and people (mum,dad,aunties,) are talking about me, aunty sometimes even calls to say, "Really?" Fuck.