Mar 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come Again.

This is right in front of where I live. From last year.

Why I'm posting this pic now?! 
Just for illusions. And a sort of prayer. 
It's getting bloody-too-hot! And it's barely March! 


Vimal said...

i want to get wet in the rain. RIGHT NOW.

Christopher said...

awwwwww thats so cute

Another David said...

Oh, I wish I could be a little kid again and play in the rain by the slide :)

Blue~Flame said...

@Vimal: Ok, hit the shower. Pretend.

@Chris & Another David: Isn't it the sweetest? I know, i've kept this pic for a year, just because i wished i could wear that raincoat and play like that in puddles.