Mar 2, 2010

The Sunshine Awards!!

Bloggers Everywhere,
Me, the-horrible-mistake-my-parents-committed has apparently sprinkled a bit of sunshine into somebody's life!! It's Johanaa -  The Mercurial Wife!! She is now, the most awesomest human being ever, apart from Mag, who gave me my first blogger award. Check Jo out, you'll thank me for sending you there. :)

Apparently, it's an award "given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world". 

The rules are as follows:
  • Put the logo on the blog within your post.
  • Pass the awards on to 12 bloggers
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.
So now, passing on the sunshine to others:
  1. Maggie from Still Hitchiking [She is one's soulmate/solemate]
  2. Shwetu from Life, the Universe, and a Little Red Dot [She is one's mentor]
  3. Kanwal from Kanwalful Meets World [She is across the border and awesome]
  4. Kaash [She is perfection]
  5. Aanchal from Continuum [She is alter-me]
  6. Urvashi from Metamorphosis [She is genius. Genius]
  7. Vimal from The Clown Behind The Mask [He is a demigod. With words and laughs]
  8. William Deng Deng from Blah Blah and etc. [He is alter-Hyde. Therefore, we must love him]
  9. Tyrant from perpetual contemplation [He is adorable. And confused. And adorable]
  10. Balu from What's a nickel worth?? [He is THE Count. We must bow]
  11. Himan from Reflections of a Fickle Mind [He is my bestest friend. He doesn't blog a lot, but he does spread sunshine in my life]
  12. Urmila from constant chatter [she is amazingly gifted]
I'm Walking on Sunshine...


alchemy16 said...

Big Whopping AWW :]

Kanwalful said...

Thanks lovely!!! <3

Vimal said...

my first award ever!! thank you!! :D

Americanising Desi said...

congrats to you and all those who received the award :)

Give me some sunshine :)

Blue~Flame said...

@Alchemy: :), now go waste ur life by cramming up fr tmrw. :)

@Kanwal: I mean it. You really are awesome

@V: a simple thanks does not usffice. you must send a ton of chocolate and flowers over.

@Am. Desi: Thank you so much. I read ur blog. Wish I'd read it before. :) You get the next award from me. Pakka!

Count Grishnackh said...

Whoa...I definitely didn't see that coming :D. My first award \m/. Danke schon Suchi :) !

Tyrant said...

Thanks a lot pal!!I am really honoured:)My first blogging award :D Spread more sunshine and make this world a happier place!!


Blue~Flame said...

@Count & Tyrant: I'm like seriously cutty with you guys. Did you die? Did you? No na, then wtf's wrong with you guys?!

Sharanya said...

:) :) :)

Also, yeah, I'm kinda thrilled that Urmila's blogging! I've met her only once but I guess that was enough. She is AWESOME!

Blue~Flame said...

@Sharan: She is, isn't she? Her creations are so marvelous.

Also, hope you ok with me putting you up here? You don't have to go through with it though.. (I just couldn't not put you up there)

Himanshu said...

Thnx a lot.
My first award. It really means a lot to me.

Continuum said...

I'd like to thank myself. Bye.

Aahhh dream come true. I've always wanted to win an award and say that.

AWARD!!!I seriously don't deserve it! haha ..just check out the others who won ..they're mind blooowwinngg!!:)
I'm just mind well..less.
But I love the 'alter-me' bit. I'm walking on sunshine too!!Thank you Such!:)

Johana Hill said...

We're spreading the sunshine...yay! ;p

Blue~Flame said...

@Himan: I know. This is for all those times when the only reason I didn't burst into tears is you.

@Aanchal: YAAY!! We are One. Like scarily, no!!

@Jo: Yeah, we are!! Thanks to you :)

Shweta said...

Such and Sharan: What can I say? ALL my friends are awesome.

And mentor?! Eh?

urmila said...

wow. a sunshine award!
i'm so flattered it's not funny :D
thanks! :)