Mar 3, 2010

The Yellow Butterfly & The Blue Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a yellow butterfly.
Also, there was a blue butterfly.
They were in love.
The yellow butterfly had a yellow family.
The blue butterfly had a blue family.
The yellow butterfly and the blue butterfly met everyday.
They flit in and around the bushes and flapped at each other.
They loved each other.


They also loved their families.
 The blue butterfly and the yellow butterfly met again.
The yellow butterfly was filtering sunlight through his wings.
The blue butterfly was reflecting pattern of the flowers.
They fell in love again.
They created a green butterfly.
The blue family killed the yellow butterfly.
The yellow family killed the blue butterfly.
Once upon a time there was a yellow butterfly.
Also, there was a blue butterfly.
Now there is only a tiny green butterfly.


Blue~Flame said...

I know about the caterpillar part, so don't bother ;)

Johana Hill said...

That's pretty much the state of this world today...

Christopher said...

Here was this post about pretty butterflies ready to brighten up my day but nooooooooooo.

I did like it though, if only they saw how beautiful the green butterfly was they might not be so hasty.

Blue~Flame said...

@Jo: Isn't it? At least in this part of the world it is.

@Chris: Yeah, what did you do then? Reading about sloths?
Maybe they did look for a butterfly and found a caterpillar. :|
[They didn't , they are all ahsoles]

Odette said...

my screen name is "blue butterfly". i wish the story did not end so tragically - i like butterflies of any color though.