Sep 22, 2010

GMCA 2011

This is my fabulous class. I actually have fun there. Which in itself is so astounding that the mind boggles.
I can't even begin to explain how hectic life is right now. But I've never, never had so much fun. Even out of school. I've made awesome friends who cook for me. What more could I ask for?

The faculty is mind-blowing. I'm not going to go through the name-taking process here. Apart from William Anderson, Katie Youn, Cathy Waters and Thomas Vogel. The classes are painful, fun, hair ripping and thrilling stuff. We are expected to inhale unhealthy amounts of academic material, but I suppose its all a part of  a grad student's life.

[I also have a job by the way. Like you care. But it pays. So there. In your face.]

I love Boston. It's amazing. It's like a living, breathing gothic revival experience. The best part of my day is this place called Reflection Point. It's 3 minutes away from my home, in the middle of the city and totally surreal.

Contaminating the water at Reflection Point

Bath time at the fountain in Reflection Point

A view of a beautiful church (of science(!!))  around the Reflection Point

So I guess, by now you've realized about my love affair with this place. Winter is going to drain it dry, but still, small pleasures. 

I know its difficult to wrap your head around me being busy, but you have to start believing this guys. 
But not all has changed. I still reach class late almost every single day. :D


Count Grishnackh said...

Whoa. That class picture definitely looks overly happy-happy for a gradschool class :D. But I guess regular piles of assignments and other acad. wrk must hardly give anyone a reason otherwise to smile as much as they did in this pic :|. Boston looks amazing and especially after seeing Reflection Pt., it is right on top of my travelling list. Offcrse after NYC where I will be this weekend :D.

Cheers !!

Himanshu said...

:D :D
Lost for words.

prats said...

wow!! Gal in the purple scarf :) you are really cool in the setting , both class and the reflection point .

Happiness a reflection of your state of mind so apt place .

Vimal said...

so when you told me you shower everyday these days, this is what you meant...

S said...


:') :') :')

ACADEMIA, yessir. Instant arousal.

Fuck, I can't wait to go. Leaving this Saturday. You look gorgeous, Suchi. And so happy. That yellow shirt is

Such! said...

@Count: NYC! Me wants to go too!

@Himan: :)

@prats: does, doesn't it? profound.

@V: that is exactly what i meant, ofcourse.

@S: Next saturday! Awesome! And thanks S. I still have your card. :)

Matthew said...

yeah, you all look way excited. i've never taken a class that cool. psh.

Anasthaesium said...

Ah...just when I thought the gubraithian fire was put out by boston ;), you sneak up with these awesome pics :D...

Continuum said...

Reflection Point:) I get it!
So glad you're having fun and finally getting to do what you've always wanted. Wish you mindblowing success. And very awesome others'-made food.

alchemy16 said...


Leeann said...

These pictures make me want to visit Boston:)

Leeann from 20sb