Sep 2, 2010

I'm alive.

@Iwasaki Library

For those of you who were wondering, that is.
My phenomenal clumsiness has semi-injured me a couple of times but death hasn't beckoned yet.

There are so many Indians where I live, it's ridiculous. Nobody sleeps till 3 in the morning and any point of time you open the door, you can see people out in the hallways talking in Hindi.
Which is actually a good thing. It's like a small slice of home, oz the moment I get to college it's all International.

I should go study now. Considering thats why I'm here. (I know, I know!)

I'll post better when I have a phone, a laptop, internet and a pillow.
Till then, see ya!


S said...

Bitch. I thought you'd write sooner, really. Aggie still hasn't written!

Now, BLOG. Really BLOG. About the trees, about the pillows, about the Tea Partee or whatever. WRITE ABOUT THE PLACE AND YOU AND HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT ETC.

Such! said...

Okay Prof S.
Will do.