Nov 27, 2010

Morning Pages

This is a very rare 10:30 am post. Seeing as how at this particular time I'm either in class or fast asleep.

I might just be sleep blogging now, you never know. But isn't this diary just delightful? This could be such a perfect example of morning pages, a concept we try to implement in our creative class.

Morning pages is essentially something Julia Cameron came up with and talked about in her book called the 'the Artist's way'. So Cameron tells us to seek our creatiivity by a pointless process (her words, not mine) called the Morning Pages which are essentially the first words that come to your mind and have been groggily transferred on to a paper. Later, at some point in life when you choose to read this and giggle at your sleep-deprived mind's scribblings, you will discover great things. Or so she supposes. Only way to find out is to try it. 

I invite you to try it and tell me, my creative class, Prof Vogel and Julia Cameron how it goes. Or you can just look at the pretty picture and go back to sleep.


S said...

I'm going to try this!

Christopher said...

I keep a little notebook next to my bed in case something comes to me. I never write in it when I wake up though, it's always when I'm trying to sleep and things are running through my mind.

Such! said...

@S: Awesome. Tell me how it goes. :)

@Chris: Thats also quite cool. Midnight pages. Hah.