Jan 11, 2011

On this side of the new year

Things are different on this side of the new year.
Not just for me, but for everyone around me.
But this blog is about me, and I'm pretty much a narcissist, so I'll talk about me.
  • Things I didn't think I was capable of doing, have been done.
  • Promises that I made on the other side, I've broken.
  • People whom I'd never thought I would hurt, I've injured. 
  • Places I didn't think I could reach, I've reached.
  • Felt new highs, sunk to new lows. Sometimes, really low.
I'm sorry about most of it, I feel like trash half the time, but I'll live.

As I've remarked earlier, everything has an expiry date. 
All you can hope is you haven't been poisoned by it.

So, this post is cryptic, most of you won't understand it. That's fine.


Nikhil said...

Does the NYC NYE episode count as a personal high or a low :P ?

Christopher said...

I do bad things sometimes. I seem to have an attraction to them. I try to make up for it though, that's about all one can do.

Anasthaesium said...

narcissist eh..well that makes two of us!

Black Foot said...

Do you know why people love someone forever?
Because they are capable of forgiving for all the mistakes.
So, don't worry who truly loved you will forgive you or may be already have.

cheers :)

Such! said...

@Balu: Mixed bag, methinks..

@Chris: Very true. Compensation is the key though?

@A: Oh, here you are! :) See if I were like other girls, I would have called you a Belgian chocolate. As you can see, I didn't. :/

@Black Foot: Thats not the point.

Anasthaesium said...

So very true! :) But if I were like other guys, I would have insisted you call me a Belgian chocolate. As you can see, I didn't :/

Black Foot said...

I am talking from other side of the frame.

Continuum said...

You know this wasn't cryptic to me. Everything has an expiry date. Now I am going to write about this.